In This Town

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Dreams came true
And wishes fell as rain
Washing us clean
In this town
God bored one day
Walked the dusty streets
Worn down with neglect
In this town
A man came who spoke
Of better days
And promises steadfast true
In this town
Maggie Thatcher
Declared war on communities
And pronounced socialism dead
In this town
I was given songs
And words and a
Reason to sing
In this town
Lennon snarled and sneered
His way through a million insecurities
To set himself free
In this town
There was love and anger
And redemption ran off
With its cousin prayer
In this town
I saw Shankly
With his arms outstretched like Moses
And he too parted a sea of red.


Parry Maguire (2004)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/in-this-town/