it started with a kick!

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2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 I was only nine at the time when I committed the crime
Of falling in love with this girl Caroline
It wasn’t her smile or her golden brown locks
Her knee high socks or the way she hop scotched
Like I said I was only nine
When this mate of mine arshad said he dare me to give her a kiss only on the cheek
But if I did he would give me his milk for a week
I agreed but somehow I knew it would take a miracle
Because for some reason to Caroline I was always invisible
But I knew I could do it and I knew that I will
So I decided to show off my footballing skills
As I ran on the pitch like a warrior in battle
I was loud and boisterous not jumping out of tackles
When I got fouled and I tripped
I cut my knee open and my trouser where ripped
As I rolled around on the ground without making a sound
I opened my eyes and realized my heroics had drawn a crowd
I looked up to see Caroline down near the goal
She laughed at my kneecap showing through the hole
As I picked up the ball to take the penalty shot
I kissed the ball gently and placed it back on the spot
When I must have taken about 200 steps back
When I ran mega fast and gave the ball a whack
As I kicked the ball it started to lift like a 70’s trademark Beckham free kick
When it suddenly curved… and started to dip….
Hitting poor Caroline smack bang on the lips
As she rolled around on the floor the friends went to help
Now I kind of know how sir Alex Ferguson felt
Then arshad then called me a cheat
He said that was on the lips and to forget the milk for the week
When her lips went down I asked her out
We went out for a day of somewhere there about
But that one-day was filled with bliss
It true what they say love starts with a kick.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/it-started-with-a-kick/