Land Mark

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 It was April nineteenth of the year ninety two
Unbeaten at home since McNultys miscue
Biscuits on goal with Gunther to his right
Conroy and Bannon were keeping it tight
Our very first Frenchman pre Monsieur Candau
Stefan Napiér, up the left he did plough
Midfield saw the brawn and the brains of the side
The muscle was Cotter and big Deccie Hyde
Davey had both, he caressed that football
Jinky Gerry cast wizardly spells on us all
Morley and Caulfield they lead the front line
Before they got notions and grander designs

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 The Shed was packed tight, no room to be found
Kick off three o’clock, the programme a pound.
Tight enough game, we were all on a sweat
Til the ball dropped to Bannon who rattled the net
The surge to the front took us down like the wave
That appeared in the ad for Old Spice aftershave
Half an hour later, Lansdowne Road beckoned
Joy tinged with sadness when you thought for a second
That this day was a milestone, green hills faraway
As we bade our farewells to the Cross on that day
Headed off to new westerly pastures Plonk found
To a Bishopstown bog and our spanking new ground


As we play St Patricks Athletic this Friday in the FAI Cup Quarter Final my mind wandered back to the Semi Final of 1992 also against Pats which was a land mark day for Cork City Football Club.

It was our last home game of that season and we were unbeaten at home in all competitions.
It was also to be our last home game at Turners Cross as the following season we moved out to our new home in Bishopstown.

Paul Bannon scored on the hour as we beat St Pats by 1-0.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/land-mark/