Out to brunch…look back but not in anger…..

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 wasn’t being overtly critical
just observing that some names no longer post
i wanted to add eddie gibbons to the list too
just think the site is becoming more and more a pop up for ‘advertising poetry workshops’
perhaps that was the intention all along
but compare with original site that is archived
that appeared more more democratic and user friendly
what went wrong?


Editor’s note:

the answer’s right there in your own moniker -;)

Time, or lack of.
A. the people involved in holding the website together, do it purely for the love it, plus have full time jobs. We also finance the site ourselves.

B. no-one else has stepped forward.

Combination of A & B, meant that any good ideas have fallen by the wayside.

Best of intentions….. but…

Sorry for the quick response, but genuinely gotta dash.



Q: what happened to all the proposed new changes?
again not having go for the sake of it, genuinely interested?
What stopped this idea really taking off??”

A (CT) : Ditto time + manpower, energy and the necessary skills I guess.
Like we always say .if you are an IT wiz and can build a spakling new site with lovely personalised intereactive facilities ,,.please come aboard..

For now though we’ll go on encouraging and enjoying reading and writing about a huge game that we have loved and still love in spite of all its changes monopolies and often seeming disregard for the loyal and mistreated fan and the People whose Game it once was.

Q “the site is becoming more and more a pop up for ‘advertising poetry workshops’ perhaps that was the intention all along….”

A (CT) You are most welcome to take “a pop at our advertising poetry workshops” …though the suggestion of intention is harsh. Workshops came about with people asking us if we did them . They’re not a business. They are few and far between especially now with the demise of many of the wonderullly inspiring Football Study Centre forced to close and school enforced cuts.. We’ve also never discouraged any of the poets here advertising and mentioning their books after their poems with links to websites.. and many have found openings in publishing and inclusion in the media and the like

Best wishes Crispin

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