PLEASE SAY ‘YES’, MISTER PRESCOTT – (A Brighton fans plea.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Mister Prescott, your time has come, to give us what we need.
Without your little signature, our plans can not proceed.
We lost our home, we travelled far, we battled to succeed,
We’ve tried to rebuild what we lost to avarice and greed.
But stop, hold on!
No bleeding heart pleas from a fan on his own.
Have you read your mail?
There’s thousands and thousands, all over the place.
We’ve seen you on telly, we all know your face.
We’ve written our letters, we’ve got on your case,
and now we’re just hoping, and say with all grace
Please say yes.
It makes perfect sense.
I took my little cousin to Withdean the other day.
He’s only six. He looked up at me and said…….
“Look………..There’s a sand pit!
Can I go and play in it?”
He can’t of course, it’s the long jump pit,
or should I say, our touchline.
To even try and get close, would get a ban and fine.
that would be encroachment, over the technical line!
Do you see what I am saying?
We cannot go on at an athletics club, can we?
Hurdles for goalposts?
We have jumped more hurdles in the last ten years, than….
What’s his name?
Colin Jackson! That’s the chap.
Anyway, I digress, to get back to my thread………
There’s twenty thousand people need a roof over their head.

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The public inquiry into the proposed stadium at Falmer for Brighton and Hove Albion is now over. The final decision on the future of our club is now in the hands of John Prescott. We have battled and survived. Now we await our final fate………

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