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2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 Why is it that other fans choose !
To come on our site and give us abuse !
All of them jelous and green with envy !
That our club is superior and a bit more trendy !
Some of these fans are lacking in sense !
They do not impress and we don`t take offence !
We just feel sorry as they are so sad !
So upset like a scorned little lad !
Just like that Wolves chappy and the other two !
They are all a bunch of numb nuts who hav`nt got a clue !
So next time they write please do not reply !
Leave them alone and until they comply !
We all like a laugh and like other fans views !
But idiots like them are totally bad news !
The pompey fans were brilliant they had`nt a bad word !
But barnsley . wolves and tranmere should be seen but never heard !

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I find cetain fans from other clubs abusive when using the official Bolton Web site,they come on the chat board posting messages of hate mainly from Wolverhampton Barnsley and Tranmere,all others are genuine fans out to seek info on their rivals.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/space-invaders/