The real world

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Let us all imagine just what it would be like
If the Wanderers were successful in their premiership plight
A top six place or a European spot
For most of us supporters that would top the lot
But it`s not going to happen for many a moon
As our club they all say is not yet in tune
We aint enough supporters to make ends meet
Which shows up each year on the balance sheet
Twenty odd thousand its not going to rise
Especially for a club of Boltons`s size
The policy of our club is to constantly sell
For any of the players who proves to do well
The stress and the strains on our manager shows
How long will it be before rickets goes
Take Blackburn rovers the club that we hate
Are they bigger than Bolton,that’s one for debate
They buy big name players and sell very few
But they`re only where they are through one mans virtue
And Blackburns a $hite hole not a nice place to live
But Bolton is nicer and a lot more to give
So come on Mr reebok please buy us out
As your multinational company is giving us nowt.

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Many Bolton fans have argued that Bolton are a bigger club than our arch rivals Blackburn,but the Rovers have been fortunate to have had money injected into the club to buy the best players,Bolton however appear to rely on loan players because the club are in debt but are partly owned by eebok a multinational company who`s millions would be welcome for a club like Bolton.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/the-real-world/