Unlikely Allies

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Unlikely Allies
Allies Indeed !

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Poetry is
what Football is

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but allies indeed

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the stories



Amazing ! I named a club at football manager game ‘GACH’ to represent my surname Gacina. But in reality the club who is known as Rapido de Bouzas is existing in Spain. I said OK. Let me leave GACH and go managing RAPIDO BOUZAS which is fun of football manager game. Had i played football in any club in England the people would call me GACH.. But what I have said so far is not the point.The point is that there is REAL POET GARY GACH I have learned. ALBERT SAMAIN French poet moved to Paris in 1880. I was walking by the house he was living at the time. I was standing in admiration in front of building where this poet was living when some football clubs were newly formed. Everton. 1878. The poet Albert Samain moves to Paris in 1880. His house is marked with commemorative plaque.Football and Poetry alltogether.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/unlikely-allies/