Wayne Wordsworth

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 So Wayne, you’re actually one of us
Juggling words the same way you juggle balls
Throw them up in the air
Then catch and re-assemble with dexterity
Each term couched with love
Coupled with the velvet touch, of your delectable boots
And to emphatically prove the point
Your national pride is presented in princely prose
To the same vibrating rhythm
That accentuates your gemmiferous goals



Wayne – please feel free to post up any poetry here!

Inspired by this report yesterday in Daily Telegraph


Basically, the report declares, back in May 2002, Wayne represented England u21s in a tournament.
Upon their exit…..

Rooney stood up in front of his team-mates and produced a piece of paper from his pocket. On it he had written a poem about how much he loved playing for his country.

Rooney, along with team-mate James Biggins, recited the poem called When Saturday Comes to a crowd of nearly 30 silent onlookers.

Now, I hate to be an old crabbe, but I do wonder, on checking our own annals, could Wayne, would Wayne, have possibly, referenced this site beforehand, and maybe, just maybe, recited ‘When Saturday Comes’, by Heather Swift? Posted up on this site on 7th December 2001…..?????

Well worth a read by the way, a great poem by Heather. As is her other poem, a tribute to the Hillsborough 96. Which places her more than likely to Merseyside. Now, remind me, where is Wayne from?

I’d love to think Wayne is a wordsmith of his own.
Either way, I have a new admiration for him!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/wayne-wordsworth/