WC2014 Day 7 Cameroon 0 Croatia 4

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 After defeat against Mexico in the opening game, many viewed this fixture against Croatia as a tricky one for Cameroon and would be a severe test of them,
(Especially for those who read the World Cup reports and have managed to keep abreast of them.)
Croatia had been unlucky against Brazil and would give a run for their money against any team north or south of them, or even east or west of them.
And if medals were given out for hard luck stories in this World Cup, they would already have a chest of them.
Unfortunately Cameroon seem to breed not one viper but sometimes a veritable nest of them.
And Assou-Ekottu’s attempted headbutt on his team-mate seemed to confirm some of the opinions expressed of them.
And I do not know the Song family (not even Rigobert who got sent off in two World Cup matches) and I probably could not pick out Alex among the rest of them,
But I’m pretty sure that, out of all the great ideas he has had in his life, assaulting Mandzukic with his elbow was not up there among the best of them.


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