Weso’s Goal Against Finn Harps

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 And lo, the ball to Weso came,
Not for the first time in the game,
And he, with angled instep span,
And by the Harps defender ran,
Who, seeing Wes escape his shackle,
Did try a des’prate rugby tackle.
But like an eel, Wes wriggled free,
Which worked out advantageously,
For as the ref prepared to blow,
He paused to let the movement flow.
And Wes with such a wicked turn
Did flick the ball to Jason Byrne,
Who, as the last defender beckoned,
Knocked it back again next second,
To send our pint-sized hero clear
With ne’er a Harps defender near.
And, as the keeper, taking stock,
Rushed out to try to make a block,
Young Wes, with backswing of the boot,
Pretended with a feint to shoot,
But with the deftest chip instead,
Did dink it o’er the keeper’s head.
And though the ball did arc so slowly,
Still it beat the poor Harps’ goalie,
Who, rushing backwards in a sweat,
Followed the ball into the net.


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/wesos-goal-against-finn-harps/