West Ham in the top three

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Our nervous system
Through the blood vessels
From head to toe
This genetic flight of
Fancy from the cradle
Of childhood and now
But West Ham are
Within touching distance
Of Chelsea and City
Yes indeed it is West Ham
Believe it or not
Of that much ridiculed place
When relegation might have
Been the customary story again
And again
But now it’s all very different
In complete contrast, East London,
Rubbing shoulders with the dinner party
Guests the caviar elite
Among the cream of the crop
Today the former Premier League
Champions finally vanquished
Undermined, Liverpool stopped
In their tracks
This can’t be happening to
These hitherto trapeze artists
Music hall pastiche
This parody of themselves
West Ham, the soul of our
Community, our family of
Always beaten and defeated
Always that heart flutter
Of a thousand mediocrities
Never safe or stable
Wobbling like the precarious
Rock on the cliff edge
Hovering over the precipice
Reliving the days when Bobby,
Martin and Geoff won the Cup
But always out in the wastelands
And wilderness when trophies
So for this devoted fan
Could this finally be our season
West Ham, divine to behold
In November but so far from us
We can hear the summons but not
On the day, but perhaps the omens
May be just a breath away
It’s third at the moment
And the trumpets are silent
If Bowen and Benrahma
Can execute their faith
In the delicious indulgence
Of an afternoon in May
Antonio full of bustle
And belligerence
Rice whispering subtlety
On the ball and into our ears
Oh West Ham, let the
Cavalry charge
Into our Premier League dreams



It’s my team West Ham in that unaccustomed position of third in the Premier League.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/west-ham-in-the-top-three/