what’s gone wrong

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 In days gone by we said, what we thought,
there might have been goals or even nought, nought,
but shout out loud and even a curse,
all singing together, in clever verse,
hand signs to the away fans, not necessarily nice,
watching men in away shirts, creep out the Den like a load o’ mice,
not making a murmur, not even a song,
this is where i have to ask myself, what has gone wrong,
now things are different, the ol bill’s on top,
someones out to destroy my Millwall, they want us to flop,
they won’t be happy, till all us ol boys have gone,
again i have to ask, what has gone wrong,
No standing, no verballing, no passion allowed,
soon all that will be left, is a muted crowd,
ok i admit we are a breed apart, down at our Den,
but c’mon me mucka’s, its a place where men are men,
so all i can say is leave us alone, to sing our song,
No One likes Us, that ain’t a problem to the faithful who remain strong.
Ol bill pick on the young’uns, the future of our club,
from the mighty roaring lion, did grow from a cub,
its all about misunderstanding, from days that have gone,
i’ll tell ya, me ol mucka’s, thats whats gone wrong.


the truth is in the writing

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/whats-gone-wrong/