steve mingle

Hi! I’m a Manchester based football author and performance poet and I occasionally combine the two to produce poems about football. I am what until recent years was known as a “long-suffering” Manchester City fan but it’s amazing what a few billion quid can do for a team’s fortunes. I first went to Maine Road in 1967 and have been a season-ticket holder for over 30 years.

Prior to lockdown I performed my poetry regularly at spoken word nights in and around Manchester and am continuing to perform virtually via zoom. I’ve always written poetry to be heard rather than read, but I thought I’d try this site to see if anyone likes reading them!

I have a Youtube channel entitled “Garden Shed Poetry” and my books can all be purchased via Amazon . I also have an Instagram page Vlad.the.inhaler57.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poets/steve-mingle/