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Manchester United win the FA Cup

For 1948 read 1977
And so many years in
Between and betwixt
Manchester United
The 20th century
Footballing National Anthem
Yesterday FA Cup winners
Legendary personified
In a million lines
Of literary sonnets,
Stanzas of Northern eloquence
From Johnny Carey to Sir Matt Busby
Noel Cantwell and Frank O’Farrell,
Dave Sexton and Tommy Doc too
They came and conquered
Stooping for a while
But yesterday Eric
Found his inner Keats
United lionised and exalted
Throughout the global expanse
Red Devils alliance
FA Cups from yesteryear
Won and lost
Throughout the ages of innocence
When life was young and old
Still sweet always
United steal City’s thunder
Revenge is the perfect riposte
Take that City on the chin
How dare you attack our supremacy?
For three seasons
Since Sir Alex sat
In his princely seat
Overseeing his successors
With pensive poise
But approving eyes
Fergie always knew best
And yet Eric Ten Haag
Finally cracked the
Indecipherable code
The vice like grip
That remarkable dominance
Of football’s
Premier League powerbase
Garnacho, Manoo,
Marcus Rashford one of
United’s own
Scott Mctominay
Steering the ship
Navigating choppy waters
Throughout a season
Of United’s raging storms
Bruno Fernandes
It had to be his Portuegese
Master class of midfield
Art installations
Attacking with forthright
Statements of the sublime
First Garnacho strikes
Like a panther
After breathless diagonal
Sent City into colossal
Consternation, too many
Passes from the back
Confusion and then
Lose their bearings
Garnacho sings at the
Highest key and chord
1-0 United
It’s just heaven sent
This is the time
Their year
Suddenly the years
Roll back to Sir Matt’s
Rolls Royce years
Of magical fairy tales
That always came true
Yesterday United save
Their troubled woes
During a season that
Somehow escaped them
Kobe Mainoo
Young and exceptional
Passes the ball
Into the net
From multi coloured
Kaleidoscope of passes
A dazzling revelation
Of cultured communication
Like a string of pearls
Winking and blinking
A carnival of triumphalism
Even City’s late consolation
Goal from Doku
Couldn’t hold back the red
Waves lapping onto the shore
Where daintiness and delicacy
Once crowned City’s football
Yesterday it was all about
Manchester United
This one was for Sir Bobby
We’ll never forget you
Denis who never laid down the Law
Monarch of six yard penalty areas
George indisputably the best
Slinky, willowy, elusive
Catch him if you could
Paddy Crerand, solid
The rock of Old Trafford
United win the FA Cup again
It sounded like a
Summertime melody that
Always made us feel good

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