Your Hillsborough Poems

YOUR HILLSBOROUGH POEMS 2000-2024 – Our selection of poems published on the new site since 2015 and the original/old Football Poets website (2000-2015) now preserved/archived by the British Library. They recall and remember the lives of those original 96 (now 97) souls we lost.  The tragic Hillsborough disaster occurred during the semi-final FA Cup tie : Liverpool v Nottingham Forest on 15 April 1989 at Hillsborough Stadium, Sheffield. The crush resulted in the deaths of 96 people, with a total of 766 other persons being injured. All of them were Liverpool fans RIP. New poems welcome. Crispin



15 Apr  The 98th Angel    Mike Bartram


16 Apr   Hillsborough – it must never happen again   joe morris

16 Apr  Yesterday…What I Saw     Mike Bartram

15 Apr  34 Years On    Mike Bartram


18 Apr Darkness Descending    Mike Bartram


09 Mar  Angels Only Whisper   Mike Bartram

2019 ~30th Anniversary ~ Hillsborough 15 April 1989,

13 Aug For Paul Carlile  Mike Bartram

23 Apr 97 souls, NYC   Clik The Mouse

15 Apr 30 Years Ago ~ 15.4.89-15.4.19   Crispin Thomas

15 Apr April 15th 1989  sharon wilkie-jones


29 Jun Hillsborough – sharon wilkie-jones


25 Jun  Justice For The 95? – Mike Bartram

28 Jun  Snared Rats – Mike Bartram

15 Apr  ‘Hillsborough Law’ – Mike Bartram

02 Dec  Sometimes…- Mike Bartram


27 Apr Justice? – Richard Tipping

16 Apr 96 White Doves – Mike Bartram

23 Feb Hillsborough – Justice for the 96 – Nik Pearce

19 Dec Christmas 2015    Mike Bartram
13 Dec A Christmas Prayer    Mike Bartram
21 Oct  April 15th 1989 Eddie Cooney

09 Oct   ‘Stand on Tiptoe’   Mike Bartram
12 Oct  Ourselves Alone   Mike Bartram
31 Aug
My Friends They Say    Mike Bartram
29 Aug     The Eternal Flame   Mike Bartram
27 Aug     No Barrier    Mike Bartram
14 Aug The Day You Never Came Home   Mike Bartram
20 Jul   Those Photographs    Mike Bartram
16 July Andy Burnham   Mike Bartram
18 Jun Sarah and Vicki    Mike Bartram
21 May    ‘Move Back Mike Bartram
13 May Katy Jones Mike Bartram
24 Apr   The Swell      Mike Bartram
20 Apr   My Mate Rob at Hillsborough  Crispin Thomas
17 Apr The Never Forgotten Few Mike Bartram
15 Apr Hillsborough   Emdad Rahman
15 Apr   The Ringing Bells Of Heaven Mike Bartram
15 Apr Hillsborough, 26 years later   Clik the mouse
14 Apr  Taunt Us No More   Mike Bartram
13 Apr   Pieces    Mike Bartram
13 Apr  That Was The Day Mike Bartram
13 Apr  Hillsborough (26 Years Ago Today)     Mike Bartram
07 Mar  Darkness Descending   Mike Bartram
06 Jan My Liverpool Home    Mike Bartram
16 Dec The 25th Christmas    Mike Bartram
03 Oct   A Disappearing Trick    Mike Bartram
19 Sep The Winter Call    Mike Bartram
12 Jun Posties and The Sun Mike Bartram
20 May The Decaying Picture of Justice   Mike Bartram
11 May Tarnished Crown   Mike Bartram
16 Apr “Forgive Me” Dulwich Poet
12 Apr   Forget-me-not   Alan McKean
11 Apr Animals ~ for the people of Liverpool    Ralph Dartford
06 Feb   Anne Williams Haiku Emdad Rahman
05 Jan This Limbo State   Mike Bartram
31 Dec Try To Let Go Mike Bartram
23 Oct    Never Came To Me Mike Bartram
20 May Heaven And Heaven Mike Bartram
29 Apr Goodbye Anne   Mike Bartram
28 Apr Injustice Garyn Jones
20 Apr Anne Williams.-Heaven Sent.     jim dolbear
19 Apr A Place (For Anne Williams)   Mike Bartram
17 Apr Let the Truth Come, When the Lies Fall Emily Williams
15 Apr   Hillsborough – Gone but never forgotten Emdad Rahman
15 Apr   Imagine   Mike Bartram
15 Apr Today  Mike Bartram
18 Mar   Think On   Mike Bartram
12 Mar The Hillsborough Disaster     Tracey Clifton-Jow
09 Mar Mothers Day Love Mike Bartram
03 Dec Balloon    stuart ashworth
30 Nov   Unusual red moon   stuart ashworth
07 Nov ’10/99′    Mike Bartram
30 Oct Solidarity Has No Colours   Mike Bartram
23 Oct Resigned   Mike Bartram
18 Sep    All Apologies   Darren O’Keeffe
18 Sep A New Chapter (12/9/12) Mike Bartram
16 Sep Ban them for life    kevin halls
13 Sep   The Truth is Out   Emily Williams
13 Sep JFT96 P Maguire
13 Sep The Hand Of Justice Points The Finger  jim dolbear

13 Sep When The Truth Turns Blame To Shame   Crispin Thomas

12 Sep The Truth Will Out.( Haiku )   Jim Dolbear

07 Sep   Hillsborough Haiku   Hy Koo
07 Sep   Sept 12th 2012   Mike Bartram
23 Jul What Goes On   Mike Bartram
17 Jun   Six Minutes Past Three in the Afternoon    Emily Williams
16 Jun Hillsborough Dads   Mike Bartram
27 Apr A City United ( JFT96 ) Tony Stapo
27 Apr J F T 9 6 – Y N W A Tony Stapo
21 Apr Mirror Mirror Mike Bartram
15 Apr Don’t Go Mike Bartram
15 Apr Abandoned Clik the mouse
13 Apr The Sad Times Mike Bartram
09 Apr Hillsborough Emily Williams
03 Apr The Stench of Lies Mike Bartram
01 Apr Aprils’ Angels    Mike Bartram
16 Mar     Closing Ranks    Mike Bartram
21 Feb Wembley (26/2/2012) l  Mike Bartram
16 Feb Justice For The Ninety Six Emily williams
30 Jan Every Hillsborough Story   Mike Bartram
19 Jan Establishment Curse   Mike Bartram
16 Jan Time goes by Emily Williams
13 Dec Justice Tonight   Mike Bartram
15 Nov    Liverpool v Notts Forest (Abandoned)   Mike Bartram
04 Nov How about a song? Emily Williams
04 Nov Bonfire? Mike Bartram
11 Sep   A Flame     Emily Williams
05 Sep An Ordinary Day Emily Williams
24 Aug The 22 Year Wait Emily Williams
09 Aug Sunderland AFC (Thanks!) Mike Bartram
24 Jul How can no one hear Emily Williams
22 Jul Hillsborough Jim Bell
06 Jul The Glorious Fields of Anfield Road Mike Bartram
23 Jun Every Hillsborough Story Mike Bartram
21 Jun I Dread to Think Emily Williams
20 Jun 6 Minutes Past 3 Mike Bartram
16 Jun Count to 96 Emily Wlliams
16 Jun   I was not there but I know   Emily Williams
15 Jun The Legacy of Hillsborough > Mike Bartram
10 Jun Justice Cal   Mike Bartram
04 May Peter Beardsley’s Shot   Mike Bartram
30 Apr The scouse end   Mike Bartram
19 Apr Goodnight   Mike Bartram
19 Apr Victims Without A Number Mike Bartram
19 Apr The Nightmare of Hillsbrough Mike Bartram
19 Apr Hillsborough Memorial Emdad  Rahman
15 Apr 96 haiku Clik the mouse
15 Apr Ninety Six William Curtis
11 Apr Gone But Never Forgotten Emdad Rahman
15 Ap Why Oh Why Oh Why?  Crispin Thomas
15 Apr The 96 The Bard of Burnley
15 Apr Twenty One Today. jim dolbear
15 Apr Souls Of Our Departed. Ken Bushell

2000-2009 Selection
20 Years to Yesterday S B Ingle
Just A Minute S B Ingle
Heroes   mark merriman
   Empty seats – the 96 legacy   Clik the mouse
   96 Haiku Hy Koo
Milan – Real Madrid 19/04/89 Minuto di silenzio P Maguire
The Day Truth Died P Maguire
3.06pm P Maguire
19Darren O’Keeffe
Hillsborough> Daniel McDonagh
Hillsborough P Maguire
how do you sleep? poet1978
96    poet1978
Hillsborough Justice For The 96    SB Ingle
96 Reds We’ll Never Forget P.Maguire
Hillsborough Memorial   Mark Thomas
Anyone Mark Ballard
Souls Of Our Departed Ken Bushell
Do You Remember P.Maguire
Justice Part 1 Tina Bass
April 15th Hillsborough DJ Bullen
A Terrace called Leppings Lane   Emsy
Hillsborough Roses Alan McKean
Remembering Hillsborough  P.Maguire
The Funny Thing About Justice Mike Nicholson
Hillsborough 15 Years On Redlady
Justice For The 96 P.Maguire
At Hillsborough   Stephen A Owen
Hillsborough Robert Romans
96 tears Clik the mouse
May We Never Forget Nikki Young
For the 96 Shaun Maddy
Cry me a tear mottman
96 Reasons Mark Ballard
Are You Sorry? P Maguire
96 Angels P Maguire
Justice P Maguire
Sorry Mike Nicholson
His darkest disgrace> Mike Nicholson
Why did you do it? Mike Nicholson
Wishing for their old Mum Mike Nicholson
What colour justice? Mike Nicholson
Liverpool Justice Louise Ann Lacey
Why Do I Care?Tom England
Justice for what? Chris Murphy


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