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Back For One Day

back for one day
to the ground on the hill
careful and wary
with Covid here still
temp’rature testing
out here on the street
we stand in a line
in our masks in the heat

we’re grateful to be here
this late Summer day
we keep to a distance
just like ev”ry day
it could be a one-off
the way things are going
and when we’ll be back
we have no way of knowing

the grass is so green
and the sky is so blue
there’s barely a cloud
but a breeze billows through
and for ninety odd minutes
of real live football
we don’t think about
what’s surrounding us all

the game is a flurry
of chances and goals
a blurry distraction
but safely controlled
we even discover
that crowds can still cheer
in spite of these masks
that we all have to wear

and here at the end
we all follow the rules
and are led out in rows
like we did back in school
the streets are all quiet
as we wind down the hill
now we’re back in the world
that’s surrounding us still

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Mane double sinks Blues

Chelsea 0-2 Liverpool

Christensen shown the red
Mane the Grim Reaper
Straight after half-time
Another nightmare for Kepa keeper

Mane took control
Heading in Firmino’s cross
Chasing down Arrizabalaga
Shaken head from Lampard boss

Hendo is off with an injury
Thiago gave the shirt a feel
It’s a reality check for Chelsea
Edouard Mendy the next big deal

20 09 20

© emdad rahman

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The Physio

The glory of football
In the matches we love
The breath-taking goals
The tip of the glove

But a club is a body
Of myriad parts
The backroom the boot room
Not just its stars

The steel of the midfield
With strength to endure
But the back of the physio
The strongest of all.

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The Who

The Who?
Was facing VAN BASTEN’s volley
The result ?
1988 was the year
The Soviet national team existed
Where ?
In Germany where
THE EURO 1988 was held
What he has done really?
most memorable goal in football’s
And to add something
The Who are an English rock band
formed in London in 1964

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Season 20/21 – Champions are off with a thriller

Liverpool 4-3 Leeds

Mo Salah with a hat trick
This game needed a killer
Liverpool finally sink Leeds
In an opening day Anfield thriller

Salah on the opening day
For the fourth season in a row
Leeds levelled three times
They’ve been sixteen years below

“Leeds are special,” said Klopp.
“The way they play is uncomfortable.
“If you don’t respect the opponent
“They will kill you!”

12 09 20

© emdad rahman

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play the game
for love
not for glory
or gain

tackle with dignity
the obstacles and
traps and tropes
and the winning goal

that no one saw you score
will be seen.


Football Seasons

As children we gladly troop along
And follow the piper’s thrilling throng
Enthralled bewitched by the green of the pitch
The banners flags and aye the songs
As teens we slowly drift and stroll
To fall in love with rock and roll
The snarky verbs of Lydon swerve
The punkish volleys of the turf

Middle age and money thinly spread
Whilst waistlines grasp elastic death
The starstruck heart no longer beats
And yearns the football of the street
A grassroots heaven terrace free
Of pomp and advert neon plea
Thus tender years of youth must flee
Give way this day to vintage stage
And all the better for the age.

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All Things Must Pass

Match-day programmes
Old skool fanzines
A standing terrace
The stuff of dreams
A pie & a pint
Tales of away
Like me my old trabs
Have seen better days
But Saturday’s youth
These seasons have grown
Winners & losers
Wisdom is sown
All things must pass
On the final road home.

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We All Live in a Socially Distanced Kop!

Going to the game with a hand wash and mask
Swapping the Bovril and hot tea in a flask
Co-Vid volunteers with precision they zoom
The clubhouse is spotless elbow grease and broom
Aye it feels different but we’re back at the match
And it’s still flippin’ football, and for that we give thanks
Digital programmes cashless ticket sale
‘We all live in a socially distanced Kop’ the fans new refrain!

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Still Behind Closed Doors

back on my own in the South Stand once more
but where are my mates and the crowd like before?
I’d love to stay but there’s no-one to ask
up on the hill in my hat and my mask
feel like a robber whose stuck in a dream
a bandit a cowboy up there on the screen
science or fiction it’s tricky to say
whatever happened to our Saturdays?
missing the moaning the drumming the lads
keep thinkin’ back to the times that we had
and nobody knows when we’ll stand here once more
now Rovers are playing behind closed doors

took it for granted this game we adore
feel like a rock star whose cancelled his tour
feel like I’ve sneaked in and shouldn’t be here
place is deserted there’s nothing to cheer
you say it’s easing and it’s gonna end
but you also told me that we could defend !
socially distanced the lockdowns and zoom
what will we do when the matches resume ?
yes we’ll be grateful that we are alive
but how will the smaller clubs ever survive
will it be down to a vaccine or cure
now Rovers are playing behind closed doors ?

I miss the times when we just couldn’t score
when we were brilliant and when we were poor
I miss the cold and the wind on my face
I miss the singing the vibe and the place
I miss the Quorn Pie the banter and friends
but when we all be together again ?
watching online doesn’t do it for me
bring on the day when it’s how it should be
when we are back and we’ll grumble and cheer
making creating a new atmosphere
and I’d give it all to be back here once more
but sadly it’s only still behind closed doors

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