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Back of the Net

Arriving at a certain age
I chanced upon a Facebook Page
A football follower’s delight
Outclassing every other site:
No views of Best or Ken Dalgleish
Or Cruyff, for this was far more niche
It specialised in retro sets
Of photographs of football nets
With sturdy bars and sturdy posts
And sturdy stanchions in an arc
The sort you saw at Hampden Park
When Puskas and Gento went on a spree
And Real Madrid won seven-three
Admire both Di Stefano’s grace
And the struts that hold the nets in place.
Though a love of old nets will never be the rage
We anoraks love that Facebook page
And spurning thoughts of golden mansions
We contemplate “Old Nets and Stanchions.”

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Smash grab at Molineux

Wolves 2-1 Liverpool

At Molineux it’s Captain Fantastic
Pulling out his shoulder trick
Hendo rising to Trent’s call
VAR confirms no handball

With the Reds truly on the rack
Wolves advance as a deadly pack
Adama Traore cracks the gun
Jimenez makes it one one

Six minutes and time for a winner
Up steps the Bobby Dazzler
Unbeaten since the start of the year
Liverpool go sixteen clear

23 01 20

© emdad rahman

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Alisson magic seals United win

Liverpool 2-0 Man Utd

Virgil heads in cool as you like
As Liverpool continue to climb
Bobby falls foul of the V.A.R
Salah counters in injury time

Olympian Alisson sprints up the pitch
Beating all his Red men
Salah assist for Anfield’s number one
Since Reyna in 2010

Goals in every single game
Seven clean sheets in a row
Ninety one points from ninety three
Most assists from Trent’s big toe

19 01 20

© emdad rahman

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The emotions

An autograph from Walter Smith
I had had long time ago emerged

not Walt Disney,

Now, it is strange fact
Walter Smith’s Everton won at Anfield

That was still the football of 1990’s
Campbel was there
I am looking at the book written by
Do you believe me
she was born in 1892
What this year means for
Everton and Liverpool
And what does it mean for me
to be owner of an autograph
of Walter Smith
But one question,
why ever Howard Kendall went to
Probably because
he understood he was
the continental style manager
But isn’t it extraordinary that
the world changes
If it is possible to compare
I would say
that Everton had its natural man
who went to Europe
Now, someone came from Europe,
the world changes,
was born in

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Haiku for Hans Tilkowski

Too close to call still
Some people think it’s over
You know otherwise

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Geoff Pike – Unsung hero

A live FA cup replay at Old Trafford
Ward’s corner, Pike on the hunt
Power header from the edge of the box
To put the Hammers in front

FA Cup winner, League Cup runner up
Let Dev, Bonds, Brooking shine
Third in the League in 86
Made the flair boys look mighty fine

262 fans at the Boleyn
Watched Pike strike a 25 yarder
Paul Goddard and a Cross hat trick
In the ghost match against Castilla

© emdad rahman

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More records break as Firmino sinks Spurs

Tottenham 0-1 Liverpool

Liverpool dumbfound football
In the best-ever start to a season
“Doesn’t feel special somehow!”
Is Jurgen Klopp’s reason

Firmino’s first-half goal
Turning Japhet Tanganga
With a sweet left-foot drive
To beat Gazzaniga

Another impressive clean sheet
They’re still not quite through
Liverpool are breaking records
To dare is to do

11 01 20

© emdad rahman

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You Couldn’t Make It Up

The draw was being made
for the fourth round of the FACup,
Coventry or Bristol Rovers against Birmingham
” you couldn’t make it up. ”
Coventry will be the ” home” team
If they knock Rovers out of the Cup,
so the Brummies will be the ” away” side
” you couldn’t make it up. ”
The Sky Blues currently ground share St Andrews
and in their pubs Cov fans now do sup,
a somewhat strange scenario ?
” you couldn’t make it up. ”
The crazy world of football
and a bizarre tie in the FACup ?
If Coventry City are at ” home ” to Birmingham
” you couldn’t make it up ! ”

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The Other Side

This is the ballad of Derek Acorah,
A footballing lad, and what is more, a
Psychic who detected poltergeists
(Yes, genuine spirits, not scurrying mice)
He used to appear on Living TV
Where his psychic shows brought fame and a fee
On The Antiques Ghost Show he first made his name
And seaside pier shows sealed his fame
He wasn’t trying to deliver a fright
Just “healing and elation… an uplifting night”
In Morecambe, Southport, and throughout the nation
He brought spiritual messages of consolation
So, what’s all this stuff got to do with football?
Derek Acorah grew up in Bootle
He signed for Wrexham at the age of thirteen
Then moved on to Liverpool, where his talent was seen
By the great Bill Shankly; and he plied his trade
Without entirely making the grade
Years later, Bill’s voice from beyond the grave
Told despairing Derek it was time he gave
Expression to his spiritual second sight
And one tormented blustery night
He told Emlyn Hughes “Watch out on the roads;
Though I haven’t a clue what my warning forebodes”
The Scousers heard Derek’s words with derision
But Emlyn was indeed involved in a collision.
Which shows that life isn’t always a party
So don’t underestimate Madame Arcati.
Last week poor Derek Acorah died
His spirit passed over to the other side
Not Tranmere, not Everton, but the great blue yonder.
Now lovers of the psychic will look back and ponder
What they missed in Southport or Morecambe those nights
Of healing and elation… and uplifting sights.

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Winter woes

I know it must be winter
For the fixtures are piling high
Even though we’re lucky
And the weather’s kinda dry

I know I must be old now
For I rarely get to the games
And I’m also having trouble
Remembering double-barrel names!

I know I must be tired (so, so tired)
For I fall asleep in front of the tv
Doesn’t matter about all the hype
Nor the sheer import of “must see”

At least I know I’m not dying
Although I would terminate VAR
Eradicate, expel, abolish
No more goals to disbar!

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