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One Christmas During Covid

one Christmas during Covid
we stand but far apart
our loved ones and our football
confined to in our hearts
the snow has still to paint the land
but hope surrounds us now
with wipes in hand behind our masks
we carry on somehow

as we reflect upon our year
the strangeness and the cost
and think upon in sadness
all those that we have lost
and though we miss the human touch
the banter and the cheer
we’re grateful just to be alive
and simply to be here
reminded of a long gone time
our grandparents went through
the endless loss the dreadful cost
the lethal Spanish Flu

*one Christmas in the trenches
when deep in mud and sand
their loved ones and their football
a distant far off land –
they stood as snow lay all around
as icy chills would spread
behind the sand bags and the wire
they stood among the dead
on backs of Woodbine packets
around some cold tinned stew
like texts and up-dates of their day
the scores would still get through
December Nineteen Fourteen
upon that Christmas morn
when to a man an act un-planned
and instant truce was born
behind the barbed wire barricades
all scorched and bleak and bare
a distant sound grew all around
a song hung on the air
that Christmas in the trenches
a hope blew on the wind
a carol in another tongue
from far off did begin
we’ll never know who made the call
to move in such a way
but something somehow lifted them
upon that Christmas Day
from burrows then on either side
they met in no-man’s land
as enemy met enemy
with gifts and outstretched hands
a football thrown between the guns
from nowhere did appear
and in that silence voices rang
and echoed loud and clear
we’ll never ever know the scores
or just how many games
when Tommy Atkins challenged Fritz
upon that Christmas Day –
one Christmas in that first Great War
of stench and blood and grime
their football brought them closer
for one brief day in time
and though commanders drove them back
their orders to obey
between the lines a match was played
upon that Christmas Day*

and here we are in Covid
the strangest time we’ve known
for some of us it’s easy
for some it’s spent alone
and while we long to see our kids
and feel so torn apart
we wait so patiently and keep
their faces in our hearts
we do our best to just ignore
conspiracies that rage
and keep the faith as always
throughout this poignant age
we stand at social distasnces
but hope is growing now
behind our masks we meet the task
to carry on somehow

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Rodborough Robin Trail ~ It Came Upon A Midnight Clear

It came upon a midnight clear, 
That glorious song of old, 
When angels bent down to the earth, 
And changed machine guns into harps,  
And turned leaden bullets into golden carols 
That drifted across no man’s land. 
And choirs of soldiers joined the angels 
In a cease-fire of exultation, 
While all the bloodied uniformed citizens 
Of heaven above watched as silent knights,
As helmets and caps and whisky and schnapps 
Were passed from frozen side to frightened side.
A robin trilled a winter song of peace;
A soldier kicked a ball into the air,  
And there it stayed, suspended high up in the sky, 
Shining forever in a continent’s memory;  
A star of peace in a bleak midwinter’s century.

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For Diego and Peter Shilton

Don’t cry for Diego, Argentina.
The truth is
He’ll never leave you.
All through his wild days,
His mad existence,
He held God’s hand high:
Don’t keeper your distance.

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Seagulls nick a point

Brighton 1-1 Liverpool

Neco fells Connolly
Seagulls get an early look
Maupay fails from twelve yards
Potter scribbles his notebook

Dancing two challenges
Jota seems to seal the win
Finding the bottom corner
Nine goals for the new kingpin

But VAR has other ideas
Salah and Mane got done
Controversial late penalty
Pascal Gross makes it one one

28 11 20

© emdad rahman

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Saints & Sinners

Pantomime villains
Saints and sinners
Football has them all

Be blessed with God-given gifts
Upon that football pitch
You’re forgiven all the more

But should your boots have trace of clay
The losing hand, the miss-placed pass
Expect from grace to fall.

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Yo digo

Yo digo in Spanish
can mean
I say, I said, I’am saying
That is when
DIEGO HAS THE BALL what he does
He is saying
Yo digo

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Man and Myth

Diego the man
Returns to the
Silent earth

Maradona the footballer
Plays on
Thunderous immortality.

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R.I.P Diego

Diego dribbled up to heaven
Where he met Saint Peter at the gate.
who looked at his credentials
And said “give me a minute mate.”

He then came back from God’s room
Saying, “I’m sorry but you’re banned
God said one time you borrowed
But did not return his hand.

So you’ll do some time in purgatory
Where you’ll repent with other sinners
And you won’t be allowed in heaven
Until England are World Cup winners.”

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Deus Maradona, 1960 – 2020

Diego does go
Full of flair and flamboyance
Flawed yet feted

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Diego Maradona 1960-2020

It was a dream come true
I’d emptied my savings tin
My broad smile stretched
From Bognor to Berlin

I would be the proud owner
Of a Diego Maradona boot
Now the barrel chested ones
Latest fanclub recruit

Sprinting down Whitechapel Road
I dragged along me Mam
Dropping a shopping bag en route
Shattering a jar of jam

“You wear them, you’ll play like him”
The shop assistant said
I believed every single word
My beaming smile spread

A walking Ambassador I became
I put those boots to use
On grass, tarmac, concrete
Each time I got set loose

Wear them on the old sandpitch
In the thick of the Berner Estate
Not ideal for that surface
But that was open to debate

Even wore them to school
On an odd day or three
“Get them off right now!”
Hawkeyed Margaret would scream

Wore them into the ground
Even when they were a goner
Yes, the one and only
Puma Maradona

Goodbye to you Armando
A Druid, a one off edition
Eternal Gracias Dieguito
Footballs flawed magician

25 11 20

© emdad rahman

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