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Back in time down White Hart Lane

As a child I drew crowds; row upon row,
fifteen thousand little circles for the fans,
some high in the stands, some arrayed on the Shelf
cradled by that tight encircling wall
(I’m capturing White Hart Lane
at the start of the Hunter Davies years)
the groundlings penned behind a white perimeter fence,
watching Bobby Smith, Maurice Norman, Greavsie and Cliff Jones.
Now look up, see what Archibald Leitch has designed,
Like the gondola on a Zeppelin, a long white press-box
Above it a clock
And on that a ball
Then a cock
Then a sky,
No whiter than a Tottenham Hotspur shirt

I tried to go back in the Nineties; the old East Stand had gone
Someone was banging an anti-semitic drum
(ironically I suppose)
Not sure I like this, to be frank.
Maybe this is Spurs’ way of getting their masochism in first
“Always equalise before the opposition score”
and I can’t help thinking
If Sigmund Freud ever wandered up the Seven Sisters Road
From Hampstead
He’d have a field day

But the Spurs go marching on, they do
To a new home and a new Lane
So there’s my prosaic bit of doggerel
(Hang on to the ball for me, and don’t forget the cockerel)

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What Did We Do Before 5 Live? (1994-2019)

how did we manage how did we get by
how did we exist as fans you and I
how did we do it how did we survive
what did we do …before 5 live ?*

twenty five years ago right across the land
what was it like for the loyal football fan?
premier league barely two years old
5 live brought fans in from the cold
information highway still breaking through
5 live connected injected me and you
the past was a wasteland of ev’rything before
5 live took off in Nineteen Ninety Four

21st Century news for the nation
5 live gave us all a World Cup station
there without England in the USA
there when Ireland nearly had their day
there when the drama began to unfold
there when Escobar was killed for a goal
there when Maradona got caught for dope
there in South Africa when blacks got the vote
even when reception got a little bit rough
5 live was there for the nail-biting stuff

there when the Chunnel became reality
there when Blur were playing Glaston’bry
there when Mandela became president
there after Christmas to tell us what we spent
there through the horrors of Rwanda’s genocide
there when Kurt Cabain took his own life
there when Milan won the Champions League
there when human beings made history
there on the pitch when United did the double
there in a flash on the outbreak of trouble

there with the phone-ins helping people cope
there in the earthquakes the pain and the hope
there in the darkest hours of 9/11
there in the horror times of July 7
there on the dial or the touch of a screen
5 live somewhere always on the scene

there at the game ev’ry roar ev’ry cheer
taking it for granted like it’s always been here
there when the snow brings the country to a halt
there when the leaders claim it isn’t their fault
there like a friend and the only safe bet
there in the second when the ball hits the net
there with the people who have nothing left at all
there with the rumours however big or small
early in the morning or later on Drive
phone-ins and moan-ins all on 5 live

there in the afternoon chatting to a band
there with the updates when you’re stuck in some jam
there in Afghanistan there in Iraq
there when your team wins games back to back
there at Wembley …Wimbledon too
there at the Olympics and the Para ones too
cutting to the chase like a dagger or a knife
quality radio here on 5 live

catch it in the car maybe catch it on your phone
there at a première or war torn zone
listen on your headphones if ya lyin’ in your bed
texting in your feelings on something they said
listen while you’re cookin’ or soaking in a bath
even if your club are a joke or a laugh
even if your team are playing in Peru
5 live’ll be there to get the news through

always on the spot like a ship in ev’ry port
UK flagship for live news and sport
home or away when it goes to extra time
medium long-wave or digital online
tuning in together on six nine three
life on the airwaves for you and for me
there when you’re losing and you’re heading for the exit
there when it drags like a groundhog Brexit
twenty four seven three six five
news views and comment’ry ..live on 5

so how did we manage how did we get by
how did we exist as fans you and I?
how did we do it how did we survive
what did we do before 5 live ?

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Atta Elayyan 1985-2019

Atta Elayyan 1985-2019

Friday the day of Jumuah
For Muslims their greatest day
Atta Elayyan and forty eight souls
To the Mosque they went to pray

He kept goal for the Futsal team
New Zealand and Canterbury
FIFA confirm a life cut short
At the age of thirty three

The striking thing with evil
Their hate will consume and conjoin
Mirroring that they most resent
Two faces of the very same coin

Atta served his country with distinction
Christchurch gifted freedom and rights
He was a hero, a new father
Forever an icon for the Futsal Whites

Dedicated to those lost at #Christchurch


© emdad Rahman

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a face in the crowd

a face in the crowd
the low sun and a pigeon
slowly cross the pitch

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Derby day costs Liverpool top spot

Everton 0-0 Liverpool

Although it was quite stormy
Twas an attack shy Merseyside derby
Tenth placed Everton still in the frame
A derby win in their nineteenth game?

With Liverpool seeking the summit
Salah just couldn’t outwit
Seamus Coleman that lynchpin
The only Blue with a derby win

Whilst the Reds are now looking up
Marco Silva lifts his World Cup
Jolly Toffees they burst into tune
On the way home they sang “Blue Moon”

03 03 19


© emdad Rahman

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Trent sets trends against Hornets

Liverpool 5-0 Watford

Trent set trends and headlined
Assists in a game times three
Just the fourth Red with such a feat
After Collymore, Smicer, Aquilani

Aged 20 years and 143 days
He’s the youngest ever player to do
Set up three goals in the top flight
A feat not seen since 92

Two goal Mane and Klopp broke records
That back heel gathered much praise
Origi and Van Dijk at the double
Sees the Reds back to winning ways

27 02 19

© emdad Rahman

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Derby on Mersey

Liver birds have seen Liverpool
Liverpool had been known by them
Alan Ball fans communicated
using red telephone boxes
having Blue soul
Every new Derby on Mersey
is the eventful opportunity
to talk about any past Derby on Mersey

18 September 1948 with the record attendance
Nearly 80.000 fans saw the match at Goodison

Today, there will be one,
Were you at the match when
Everton had had Danny Cadamarteri?

Were  you at the match when
Everton had  Maurice Johnston?

Pat Nevin, one of the Mersey Derby scorers
of the early 1990’s loved The two Blue Colors
One of Chelsea and one of the Toffees

Kevin Sheedy, Irish Blue wizard

Inevitable Sharpie
Inevitable Tony Cottee

Andrei !

The generation who was young in the early 1990’s
who saw something before millenials

Today there is Everton v Liverpool
WAYNE CLARKE- will be scoring today ?

Or who is today’s WAYNE CLARKE for
this derby game?MISTER SIGURDSSON GOODISON today

Or if you had known him, sometimes
the best was

who loved the stoicism of the fans

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Cramp is soooo 60’s

Cramp is soooo Sixties
Modern players don’t do cramp
They have cool injuries
Like metatarsals and ACLU’s
They do warm ups and warm downs
They Have personal masseurs and dietitians
They’re up to date on all nutrition’s
but they don’t do cramp

Cramp was for knackered, mud caked warriors
in the century gone by
who had literally ran themselves
into the torn up hallowed turf
with socks ran off
down to their ankles, exposing to the world
their battered shins.

Many’s the time a sporting opponent would lift the leg
and press the player’s toes towards his gasping chest
to relieve the excruciating agony of the tightened muscle.

Back then only goalies didn’t do cramp
everyone else did
The moments of diving around in the mud
Were occasionally interrupted with a lull in play
When the goal custodian would have a little stroll around his six yard box,
Maybe do the odd stretch or two
Always being careful to not exert himself.
Cos goalies didn’t do cramp.

So, if you ever read a football history book
and the piece on goalies cruise
You’ll find that the only keeper who ever got cramp
was Kepa of the Blues

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Kepa the leper

an act of dissent
to the bench
while the stench
of mutiny

Sarri fingered
as dead man walking
meanwhile Kepa?
like a leper

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Reds share spoils

Manchester United 0-0 Liverpool

Liverpool return to the top of the list
But rue an opportunity missed
Overall the game was poor
A frustrating goalless draw

An injury exit for Bobby
United reply with three
Lingard and Ander Herrera
Followed soon by Juan Mata

It’s been five years in this affair
Since beating United in their lair
Whilst the Reds march for glory
Today Solksjaer seems more happy

24 02 19

© emdad Rahman

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