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League leaders held at Anfield

Liverpool 0-0 Man Utd

It’s just like the old days
When United led from the top
Cautious on the offensive
They played intending to stop

Liverpool on the other hand
Struggled with fluency
Looking just a little jaded
Are that killer front three

No goals for three games
Yet Alisson was the catch
Foiling United a few times
He’s my man of the match

17 01 21

© emdad rahman

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Bobby Kellard (he was Well ‘ard )

Some players are born to ramble
Others play for just one side
Bobby Kellard played for eight different teams
And led them all with pride.

Robert Sydney William Kellard
A north Londoner by birth
A born and natural, feisty leader
And a salt man of the earth

Near the earth, he was we know
Standing only five feet four
But anyone tackled by Bobby Kellard
Always came out bruised and sore

His son Rob was often told by fans
‘you’re dad was a dirty player’
“No, he was just a little bit ‘ard,” said Rob
“He always tried to play it fair.”

He started out with Southend United
Then was signed, by Palace boss Dick Graham
And in midfields throughout the football world
Bobby Kellard caused sheer mayhem.
Combative, ferocious, tenacious
Were descriptive words for Bobby
Whose ruthlessness in winning tackles
Was on par with MacKay and Nobby.

Sold by Palace to Ipswich town
Was the man with the chest of barrel
Bought by Bristol City, Pompey,
and then Leicester’s Frank O’Farrell
He re-signed for Palace in 71
About forty grand we paid
And after just half a dozen games
Our captain he was made.
He led us into battle
Saved the team from relegation
Loved by all the Palace fans
For his inspirational dedication.
He weren’t no Martin Peters
And he weren’t no Johnny Giles
But to the fans of Crystal Palace
He brought happiness and smiles.

He was transferred back to Pompey
Where he made the history books
Being the first player ever sent off on a Sunday
After throwing a few right hooks.
So Bobby you were a rare one
A captain through and through
While some players for brekks have cornflakes
It was nails that you would chew.
So for all the clubs you rambled
And all the grounds you played
The name of Bobby Kellard
Will never, ever fade.

R.I.P. Bobby

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Historical notification

Carlyle defined genius as an infinite
capacity for taking pains so the human
pain that has to be borne is often beyond

Can I define footballer’s genius as an
infinite capacity for taking pains so that
footballer’s pain that has to be borne
is often beyond imagining

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Marine Mourinho & The Magic of The Cup

A windswept beach and the Gormley statues
The footprints of Ancelotti across the Crosby sands
And now Marine Fc in that self same corner of the world
A club named after the local pub
Enjoy the magic of the Cup, lit up by a papercut Klopp
A back garden prosecco and a 16 year old lad living his dream.

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Also in Mexico

Diego was Diego
The Mexico 1986
was Diego’s El Dorado

My memory recorded
one refrain as though
Lineker it is goal

And one special goal
scored by Manuel Negrete

Lineker ended in Barcelona
in 1986

Gary Gary Gary
not Cooper really

But Lineker truthfully

Diego and Gary
Barcelona’s scary

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I hate Covid

Ohhh Covid you’re such an invaded pest
I cannot watch my football team
Your presence I do detest
I miss the football banter
Whilst watching from the stand
But as long as Covid is around
Us football fans are banned

I cannot get excited
when I’m watching on TV
There is a special channel I watch
But I cannot view it for free
Even though I bought a season ticket
They charge to watch the game
I suppose I’m now an armchair fan
Because Covid is to blame.

Lets hope I get to watch my team
Before this season ends
Or at least a chance next season
But I guess that all depends
This nasty killing virus
Will leave us once for all
And allow us once again
To enjoy our stadium football.

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Live Streaming Away

It’s not easy being a live streamer,
not easy at all,

when hapless camera crews seem
incapable of following the ball
or wiping rain drops from the lens
while we can see nothing at all
or zoom so far from the action
we could be up a mountain in Nepal.

It’s not easy being a live streamer,
not easy at all,

when enjoying such poor sound, plus
punditry so partial it’s funnier
than the late Bobby ‘Rock on Tommy’ Ball.
To add insult to injury, the gall,
they’re charging us £9.99 to watch
this live football.

It’s not easy being a live streamer.
No, not easy at all.

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King of the Kippax

As a youngster falling in love with football
And all things Liverpool Fc
I watched Colin Bell in his pomp for City
A blur of blonde brilliance
Bright shining in light blue
His fireworks lit up Maine Road
And Anfield, and any pitch privileged to catch his play
Like Nijinsky he ran rings round the rest
The man with three lungs.

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Colin Bell – 1946-2021

I still have my copy of “Colin Bell”
Reluctant hero on the field of play
Kept safe in my cellar in hope
The legend would sign it one day

Malcom Allison once spoke
Signing City’s midfield kingpin
Nabbed him for a pittance
“An unbelievable bargain”

There’s a League Cup trophy
Helped City go up
Three times top scorer
And the Cup Winners Cup

England caps, the title, FA Cup
A titan with boundless energy
Maestro, king of the Kippax
We pay homage to Nijinsky

05 12 20

© emdad rahman

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Saints topple the champs

Southampton 1-0 Liverpool

It’s been over five hours
Saints failed to hit the board
With his old club in town
That man Ings just scored

Not a shot on target
Surely it would get better
But the Saints rearguard
Followed it to the letter

In the South Coast
We failed to get to grips
With three points dropped
Our rivals lick their lips

04 12 20

© emdad rahman

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