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Slick Salah at the double

Liverpool 2-0 Watford

Just when Watford come out the shell
Klopp rings the Anfield bell
His Reds fly up the other end
Salah is sweet on the bend

Liverpool not their best by far
Origi gifts to Salah
Nutmegging Kabasele to seal the deal
Throw in a brilliant backheel

Alisson to thank for a clean sheet
Keeper, custodian, athlete
Redmen steady, still on the up
Now a matter of the Club World Cup

14 12 19

© emdad rahman

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One Christmas In The Trenches 1914 (Revisited)

one Christmas in the trenches
they stood in mud and sand
their loved ones and their football
a distant far off land –
the snow lay thick as thick could be
a bitter chill did spread
behind the sand bags and the wire
they stood among the dead

their sweethearts faces locked inside
their tins and bits of things
along with resignation
of all that fighting brings
on backs of Woodbine packets
around some cold tinned stew
like texts and up-dates of their day
the scores would still get through

December Nineteen Fourteen
upon that Christmas morn
when to a man an act un-planned
and instant truce was born –
behind the barbed wire barricades
all scorched and bleak and bare
a distant sound grew all around
a song hung on the air

that Christmas in the trenches
a hope blew on the wind
a carol in another tongue
from far off did begin –
we’ll never know who made the call
to move in such a way
but something somehow lifted them
upon that Christmas Day

forbidden breach of orders
we call it what we will
but hearts were stirred and greetings heard
the air grew calm and still –
from burrows then on either side
they met in no-man’s land
as enemy met enemy
with gifts and outstrethed hands

a football thrown between the guns
from nowhere did appear
and in that silence voices rang
and echoed loud and clear –
we’ll never ever know the scores
or just how many games
when Tommy Atkins challenged Fritz
upon that Christmas Day –

how can we dare to comment
what use these simple lines
if none of us can dream or feel
the horror of those times
as for a moment time stood still
when arms were left aside
the bayonet the rifle
the cannon hate and pride –

but one result is certain
as game and friendship ceased
the sudden opportunity
for peace was never seized –
and still we wonder how a man
can laugh and play with men
to then return like sheep to fold
to kill and kill again

one Christmas in that first Great War
of stench and blood and grime
their football brought them closer
for one brief day in time
and though commanders drove them back
their orders to obey
between the lines a match was played
upon that Christmas Day

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Kick It Out Rap (2019 Remix )

there has to be a space there has to be a place
for every single member of the human race
staring at a problem that hasn’t gone away
underneath the suface it’s lingering today
kick it out.. ignore it but report it
kick it… together we can sort it
kick it out.. let them know the reason why
kick it out ..time for racism to die
kick it out

it kicks off in the playground it kicks off in the park
it kicks off when you’re heading home it kicks off in the dark
it kicks off on the playing field in the rain and thunder
it kicks off and you hear but maybe you’re outnumbered
all-seater stadiums tiny little grounds
anywhere on the street still hear the sound
kick it out …. time for racism to die
kick it out….. rap the culprits in the eye
Kick it out … be a beacon be a light
speak out… let your football burn bright
kick it out

you can sing it you can wing it you can act it out in class
you can trap it you can rap it before the feelings pass
’cause no-one has the right to abuse any other
no one has the right be they stranger or brother
no one has the right to bully or to yell
no one should be frightened to be the one to tell
go back thirty years if your face was black
out there on the pitch they’d be on your back
take a look around you from Africa today
great players everywhere we love to see them play
and ev’ry time you’re out there doing what you do
make a choice be a voice feel it coming through
kick it out – be a poem be a cry
kick it out – time for racism to die
kick it out

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Cherries chopped as Reds extend record

Nineteen minutes for the death knell
Three goals in a devastating spell
Ake’s subbing enhancing the flow
A blitz from the returning trio

With that came the winds of change
Oxlade-Chamberlain from close range
Ramsdale beaten with a volley of class
From Henderson’s pinpoint pass

Salah’s genius back heel despite the squeeze
Keita slotting home with ease
Paying back the Reds Egyptian star
Game over Mohamed Salah

07 12 19

© emdad rahman

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Mr X’s Blue and White Army

They said we were ungrateful,
When we sacked Allardyce.
Now Marco Silva cannot say
That he’s been treated nice.

But football is a business,
For sentiment no room,
So poor old Marco had to go,
‘Cos relegation looms.

“Nil Satis Nisi Optimum?
What is this joke, this jest?
No satisfaction do you get,
You’ll never be the best.”

To such jibes we have long grown used,
Our critics never rest.
Yet still we cry “Come On You Blues!”
With unabated zest.

We Bluenoses are loyal,
As faithful as they come.
As true as any you might find
In London, Leeds or Brum.

We’ve had much to put up with,
Yet we don’t stay away,
For Everton we shall support
Until we’re in our graves.

Denys E. W. Jones

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Mersey misery for Blues

Liverpool 5-2 Everton

For the Hillsborough families
A show of solidarity
Three decades of resilience
Courage and much dignity

Six goals at half time
Big Divock hits a double
Keane and Richarlison up the Blues
Shaqiri and Mane spell trouble

Sadio squanders a pair
Gini makes Anfied drool
P45 for Marco Silva?
A club record for Liverpool

04 12 19

© emdad rahman

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Across the Park

So early in the F.A CUP
Everton cross the Park

The spirit of Mr Chedgzoy
once more at Anfield

The Pub in Liverpool known as VALLEY
can host the fans

Once I took the bus nearby
and travelled to Albert Dock

Now, I share something
unusual for me

Playing football in the club of
Portugeese community
and thinking about Everton boss

The first travel across the Park
is the Premier Leage game
The second travel in one month time
is an F.A CUP game

What I want is PEACE

And that nobody is ever sacked
at Everton

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Reds record run equalled

Liverpool 2-1 Brighton

No need to worry
Your hitmen on strike
When the Seagulls came to Anfield
They met Virgil Van Dijk

It’s now 31 games
Klopp’s Reds are in a bubble
Matching the record run
With big Virg at the double

Alisson sees red
Adrian is far from coy
Sloppy wall for Dunk’s free kick
But a super stop from Mooy

30 11 19

© emdad rahman

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“Of Course She Understands”.

To say the atmosphere was fraught, watching Man U totally out-fought,
In the betting down Rye Lane yesterday
Would be…putting it politely, as t’was looking highly likely
The Blades would be more than worthy victors…come the close of play?

A group of African boys screamed and bawled, at the plasma on the wall
As Man U easily parted company with the ball
I thought fisticuffs was on the cards, as one or two played the charade,
”They should let me pick the team, I’d drop them all?”.

The braggadocio, finger pointing, and veiled threats got right annoying
As us interested nervous neutrals tried to watch the match
A chilled-out cheeky Jamaican called for calm, with more than a modicum of alarm,
Who seemed to hold a position of respect midst the gobby mass?

Suddenly…a quick one-two, then three, despair morphed in to glee
Studious punters dropped their betting slips aghast
A lauded knight on T.V beamed, as all around me screamed
At a comeback, up there with those of Francis Albert in our past.

Till…the door to victory slammed shut, caused fanatics do their nut,
“It’s going to VAR”, went up a hopeful shout,
“Hand-ball, they’ll disallow it”, “No they won’t, it hit his chest allow it”,
About twenty-five of us vociferously unified in…doubt.

At three all the final whistle blows, the game comes to a close
and just before deflated sombre souls take to the street,
“You boys shouting an a screaming, means my customers are leaving
If it happens again, they’ll be no more football shown next week”.

“But mam please”, pled a leaving man, “You don’t understand?”,
“Don’t be stupid, of course she understands, what planet are you from man?”,
She knows what its all about, she’s a Millwall fan”.


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Bobby seals it late at Plucky Palace

Crystal Palace 1-2 Liverpool

Tomkins with a goal ruled out
But V. A. R sat and saw
Mane’s goal cancelled out
It seemed Zaha had rescued a draw

Liverpool on a record run
The Red Army continue to plow
Thirty games unbeaten
Dropping only two points till now

Bobby Firmino scores a late winner
‘Twas a hard fought win indeed
Klopp’s men leave Selhurst Park
Maintaining that eight point lead

23 11 19

© emdad rahman

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