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How did we arrive here?
Carrying unfulfilled fixtures
from our city, of the missing
whose resting places were unprepared,
to UEFA’s listening committee,
a tentative morning in the warm sun
of Kungstradgarden with gathered faces
from the Stretford End, Rochdale Reds,
Ajax fans, early heralds of the evening
final, meaningless save as a symbol
of what it means to be united.

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My City Haiku

The heart beats loudly
In our United City
We stand together

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Kane was Able

Harry Kane did it again,
And again and again and again.
Too many teams have been drawing,
Losing the fine art of scoring,
Many games have been just downright boring,
But Kane soon got the crowd roaring.
Celebrating his skill,
Determination and will,
He got it all right,
Scoring four on the night,
Spurred on by the fans
Crowded tight on the stands.
Flattening the Foxes wasn’t a fable,
It really did happen
Because Kane was Able!


Ianthe Exall 19 May 2017.

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Sometimes (Forest Green R 3- 1Tranmere R )

sometimes words are hard to find
to just express in prose or rhyme
the magnitude of this promotion
this relief and this emotion
felt in ev’ry single fan
and longed for since the rise began
who dreamt of this through thick and thin
the scrappy loss the narrow win
who came up here to sit or stand
so often with their heart in hand
the quiet seats that saw it all
the final noise to heed the call
but now our hearts beat louder than
some drum and bass or garage band
like shackled prisoners breaking free
we’ve fin’lly made it to the league
and care not what they say or do
the day we find out dreams comes true

it’s hard to work it’s hard to sleep
the sounds and images that keep
repeating over in our brain
they rumble on just like the train
or coach or car that brought us home
from Wembley that we made our own
we hold our breath we count to ten
but then re-live it all again
and just like little children do
we realize that dreams come true

the changes burst like sun through mist
that some at first tried to resist
convinced they could not work or last
content to wallow in the past
those seasons that would end in tears
for some it lasted decades – years
a century in black and white
the darkest depths that begged for light
the struggles here that they endured
the endless longing oft ignored
when for so long what kept hopes up
was some big draw here in the Cup
the ship that nearly ran aground
until by chance a hand was found
whose vision beckoned green and new
to prove that sometimes dreams come true

but now with concepts blown aside
the moans and groans replaced with pride
we rub our eyes we can’t believe
this thing that we’ve at last achieved
and though the road looms large ahead
with tougher tests and days ahead
how great that now after so long
we’ve fin’lly found our voice and song
and sound and look like the real thing
what dramas will next season bring?
it just reminds us – me and you
that yes ..sometimes ..dreams do come true


Plenty Of Oomph

To come out on top
be the best on the day,
you’ll need loads of oomph
at home and away.
To end up the winner
and stay in the lead,
you’ll need lots of oomph
to thrive and succeed.
To be called a champion
and the better side,
you’ll need plenty of oomph
a bit of swagger and pride.
To become a conquerer
and never admit defeat,
you’ll need a fair amount of oomph
and be so hard to beat.
To be known as a vanquisher
do you know what I mean ?
you’ll need oodles of oomph
just like the triumphant Forest Green !

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Lisbon 1967 Wembley 2017

Lisbon 1967
Celtic v Inter Milan

Lisbon Lions
Celtic Heros

Wembley 2017
Forest Green v Tranmere
Wembley Lions
Forest Green Heros

And as long is green every football field
And as long the Celtic and Forest Green
are simply green

The history can be made today
to say

What was 1967 for Celtic
2017 is for Forest Green

What was Lisbon for Lisbon Lions
it is Wembley for Forest Green heros

There is more historical logic in it
than in the musical logic
in which the well known Cuban song
reminds of the name Tranmere

Chalmers scores
Celtic-Inter 2-1

And now
someone for Forest Green

But if Forest Green is Celtic of 1967
is Tranmere Inter of 1967

who will tell us

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More tomorrows please!

I crest the wave –
for all of a few seconds
then crash under water
spinning like a chased seal
and finally surfacing
spitting salt ‘n seaweed –
surfing just isn’t my ding-a-ling

I crest the brow of the hill
puffing cheeks like a blowfish
then stare contentedly across the valley –
down on my village nestling
twixt babbling brook and verdant vale

look – there’s the new pitch, new dressing room –
so much to be proud of
and yet…
there’s something missing

for it’s a different code, a different land…

the crest that I crave
is hermetically sealed across my chest
and there’s no doubting
that it’ll be there forever…

but when the boys run out tomorrow
and do their stuff
and win the Prem – again…

I won’t be there
for I’m too far away
an emigré, turning grey
far across the sea –
but that sea of Blue
will ripple right from the start
and crash ashore
like a swell to my heart!

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The Football ‘Hard Man’

Chelsea’s ‘Chopper Harris’ defined the hard man role.
He would even tackle his own Mother to stop a goal!
Liverpool had the ‘Anfield Iron’ Tommy Smith his name.
Those type of players are now missing from our game.

Don’t be kidded by their image, they knew how to play.
I would have those players in my team, anytime today.
Stuart ‘psycho’ Pearce, his nick name just says it all!
This player had the lot, and wow could he strike a ball!

Dave McKay, at 5 foot 7, a midfield general complete.
He won the double at Tottenham, then an historic feat.
Billy Bremner, once labelled as ’10 stone of barbed wire’
If only more players now days showed that much desire.

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Liverpool, Finland and Czech Republic

Vladimir Smicer and Sami Hyypia
I said

Great match to be honest
I saw tonight

I went to big ice hockey arena in Paris
where I joined the fans of
Finland and the Czech Republic
who were completely BERSERK
watching the drama

FINLAND took easy early lead
of 3-0
and in the last minutes of the game
supported by many of theirs fans
gathered behind the goal
The Czechs came back !
They were losing by three goals
to nil and managed to equalise

And they won on penalties

I was thinking about ISTANBUL
and Liverpool’s epic come back
from three nil down

And comparing these developments
of the matches on the grass and on the ice
between Finland and Czech Republic
and between Liverpool and Milan
You understand this feeling

There is Finland opposing
the Czech Republic on ice and the
developement of the match
is the same as it was in Istanbul

Someone is three nil down and
will make it three all and will
win on penalties
but my exclamation
“Vladimir Smicer and Sami Hyypia!”
meant they were heros of
Liverpool (Hyypia from Finland,Smicer
from Czech Republic the scorer in that
match in Istanbul)
AFTER ALL, it was not
for nothing
Czech heroic come back
Finland leading 3-0

Then in Istanbul
The Finland and Czech player united together
in the heroic come back of Liverpool

All is mixed and all is Alike

Someone would say
“That is sport”

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Just Go !

Enough is enough
unfit owners it’s time to go,
just leave our clubs alone
as they sink further down below.
Enough is enough
inadequate owners there’s the door,
and never ever come back
as we can’t take this anymore.
Enough is enough
incompetent owners you’re a disgrace,
and some haven’t got the decency
to even show their face.
Enough is enough
bungling owners go elsewhere,
as all you’ve brought is misery
anguish,upset,and despair.
Enough is enough
pathetic owners you know what to do,
keep well away from football
as you haven’t got a bloody clue !

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