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130 Yesterdays (Forest Green Rovers 1889-2019)

it’s so hard to imagine now
way way back in time
the birth of little Forest Green
in eighteen eighty nine
the little hilltop village team
whose changing hut was found
behind the Jovial Forester
a good walk from the ground

a pitch all lined with turnips then
when crowds would flock to see
a local team of local men
so long before TV
as through the lower leagues they rose
a hundred years rolled by
Hellenic League and Southern League
the club refused to die

it’s sometimes strange to fathom
what drew us here to see
the Rovers for the first time
like some epiphany
but under corrugated iron
we stood among the fans
the black and white the breeze blocks
the tiny little stand
the terraces around the pitch
the ancient iron gate
the days under the radar
when hopes were not that great

I tore myself from big-screen pubs
I dropped by when I could
but die-hard fans stuck by them
through all the bad and good
the FA Vase at Wembley win
it feels like yesterday
the moment when we made it as
the Conf’rence came our way

and then the years of struggles
the fans and their belief
the Big Boys who we’d watch depart
the hardest league to leave
The Oxfords and the Newports
the Grimsbys with their songs
those play-off magic nights so close
to where this team belongs

while others gazed in wonder
at standards being made
the dream at last was realized
the day we made the grade
And now the revolution
the eco sample set
the journey here to where we are
that old fans won’t forget

But through it all a new belief
among us all was born
as we command respect and awe
up here at the New Lawn
And sometimes as I stand here
and chat with loyal fans
the thoughts go back to yesterday
to how it all began
the little hilltop village team
whose changing hut was found
behind the Jovial Forester
a good walk from the ground

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Why no poem?

Why no poem?
Mojo magic’d away?
Zeitgeist scooted off?
Muse unamused?
Support spaffed up against a wall?
Or is it just
the embarrasment
of a ten year record
of non-defeat
too replete
for anapestic litany
as we venture
far beyond Brittany?

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Fiery Foxes outfought

Liverpool 2-1 Leicester

It was late, so very late
Maddison, then Milner’s penalty
Liverpool nick it at the death
Injury time win over Leicester City

Brendan returned to Anfield
His Foxes burrowed a hole
Mane sets a new Reds benchmark
With a 50th top flight goal

Albrighton brings down Mane
VAR said it wasn’t fair
Klopp celebrates wildly
Rodgers turns away in despair

05 10 19

© emdad rahman

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Blades blunted at Bramall

Sheffield Utd 0-1 Liverpool

Bramall Lane is never easy
Where the crowd have real heart
Some said it was a “lucky” goal
To continue the perfect start

It was Henderson of the Blades
Wijaldum’s game shot far from fine
Dean spills with a moment to forget
And agonisingly over the line

It wasn’t vintage Liverpool
This side is more than capable
For now we’ll have to live
With a five point lead in the table

28 09 19

© emdad rahman

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Colleen x 4. Please Dont Block Me Out On Instagram.*

After the lack-lustre performance by our chaps,
During Friday evenings qualifying match,
I blame on a drought of Marks and Spencer’s waist-coats?
It’s nice to see a bit of real commitment I suppose?
From a pair of WAGs (who out there can remember those?)
Publicly going hell for leather at each other throats.

Colleen, and Becky Vardy are
As I’m aware m’lud thus far
Merely slinging mud at this juncture in their on-going, frenetic social media mystery
While Wayne Rooney’s more than savvy trouble an strife,
and I hope this will cheer fans up after Friday night?,
Has, due to her prowess as an on-line sleuth, been likened to a Scouse Wagatha Christie!


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Time of The Season.

Knives are poised, they often are
Some blame Brexit, VAR
Others deem the chaps as looking tired
Clubs zoom them off to foreign shores
A well-earned bonding jaunt from you and yours
Living in the daily realms of…being fired.

An international break or two
Offers r and r for the chosen few
What never get the call up from their country?
Or, ”I’ve retired from international games
Spend time with the family, learn their names

Maybe earn a nice few extra quid from punditry”.

Gaffers face is looking gaunt
Opposition fans are heard to taunt,
“You’re getting sacked tomorrow morning”,
Home fans stand and shout aloud
In despairing voices tinged with proud
“Maybe so, at least we’re never boring”.

Withered hacks within the press
Proclaim your club is in a right old mess
Nothing can’t be sorted by a nice few bob
Loyal coaches offer their support
For a fellow pro, a thoroughly decent sort
Then call their agents checking out his job.

The touch-line seems a lonely place
When all that’s tried ain’t saving face
and the chaps are having one almighty mare
I’ve seen that awful look of sheer despair
Sat and watched it from a plastic chair
My heart goes out to any poor sod stood there.

Millionaires will still be paid
We’ll be there come Saturday
Despite being the brunt of inoffensive gags
Being tin tacked ain’t no joke
Ask any hard-working class folk
It’s about as funny as The CSA with absent dads.


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Chelsea challenge seen off at the Bridge

Chelsea 1-2 Liverpool

Trent will inspire
Unleashing a ball of fire
He’s easily the best of this crop

Firmino with number two
Kante turned the screw
But the Reds lead Pep’s boys at the top.

22 09 19

© emdad rahman

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Jolly Geordies jailed

Liverpool 3-1 Newcastle

Liverpool shrug off an early scare
Jetro Willems with the cheek to dare
Jurgen’s boys with the dominant drive
It could have been four or five

Sadio Mane with the biggest laugh
Scoring twice in the first half
Mohamed Salah adds a third to the list
Bobby twice on hand to assist

With Norwich beating the Sky Blues
Still too early to light that fuse
This team still needs time to grow
For now it’s fourteen wins in a row

14 09 19

© emdad rahman

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Burnley burnt to perfection

Burnley 0-3 Liverpool

With a little bit of fire in the belly
It’s a thirteenth win on the trot
Things looked far worse on the telly
When Mane almost lost the plot

Trent upfield is more than good
A cross with a flicker of hope
Glancing the back of Chris Wood
Surprising and beating Nick Pope

Ben Mee to Bobby to Sadio
The Senegalese makes no mistake
Salah tees up Firmino
Now for the international break

31 08 19

© emdad rahman

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South Stand Man

It’s five to three on a Saturday
The usual crowd wander in
There’s a guy in a full kit beside me
But he reckons our chances are thin.

He says: “mate are we up for a good one?
‘Cause you never what you will get“
But unlike away fans stood under the sky
None of us here will get wet.

But it’s cold if it’s August or Christmas
The roof on the toilet’s not there
And the guys in the middle make most of the noise…
Whenever they choose to appear!

So sing us a song we’re the South Stand
Sing us a song today
Forget all your moans and be loud as you are
When you watch Rovers away.

We gave up our badge and our black and white stripes
Our new zebra look is quite strange
The walk up the hill is a nightmare
But it’s great running back down again,

Now Jamie he’s made some great FGR flags
He follows us home and away
And Cam’s just a kid but he turns out a vid
Wherever whenever we play.

So sing us a song in the South Stand
Don’t just rely on the young
Forget all your gripes about vegans and vibes
And I’ll bang along on my drum.

Now football’s a novelty round here
The concrete steps here ain’t that steep
The terraces don’t go as high as the Kop
But at least we can still see the sheep.

And the microphone man tries as hard as he can
To generate match atmospheres
And lately the East Stand have found a new voice
As the library tag disappears,

So sing us a song we’re the South Stand
Sing us about Forest Green
And we’ve played on this hill for a long time
But we’re still just a small village team.

Now our owners a rich New Age Hippy
Some of our fans have their views
We’re electric and solar and vegan
But it keeps up there in the news.

And away fans they chant for a meat van
The parking’s a nightmare – but hey
It’s a beautiful place in the sun or the rain
And we’d love it to just stay that way.

We’re a throw back to games in the fifties
We’ve got terraces here on three sides
But we’ll love it and stand for as long as we can
Just embracing enjoying the ride.

So sing us a song we’re the South Stand
Some of still share your dream
But when we all cheer it’s amazing in here…….
Not bad for a small village team.

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