“We’re Swapping Shirts with Shakespeare, that’s how we see it.”
The qwerty-something Forest Green Rovers/Chelsea fan is part of Stroud’s stanza squad, the only known collective of football poets in the world. “There is poetry in everything,  Football is a fantastic outlet. It’s a release. And writing about it is a release too.” Crispin Thomas ~ ‘Blokes with Balls’ Jeremy Clay.

‘INNER GOAL The poetry of football’by Crispin Thomas.

From rattles, rosettes, women’s football and the trenches to fantasy salaries, racism and mobile phones for goalposts. Inner Goal spans 50 years in a perceptive nod to the People’s Game in verse. 75 poems and 65  haikus with illustrations from  football’s maverick performance poet.


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Poems by Crispin Thomas

Source: http://footballpoets.org/poets/crispin-thomas/