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Time To Bring it Home ~ WWC 23

there again at last
Lionesses on the brink
time to bring it home ~

(Australia 1-3 England)
cagey from the start
settled in the late last show
La Roja are through

(Spain 2-1 Sweden)

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Ukraine Leave It Late ~ Day 17 Euro 2020 haiku

Ukraine leave it late

Zinchenko the diff’rence here

guess who they face next?

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Spain & Sweden’s Day 13 ~ Euro 2020 haiku

Spain ignite at last

five goals stun Slovakia

San Miguels ahoy


Forsberg fires Swedes on

Lewandowski’s late late strikes

not enough for Poles

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Day 8 Euro 202 haiku

woeful in attack

Expectation thwarted by

Resolute Scotland


tactical and tight

“poor” would by most generous

Sweden will not care


honours end even

Croatians are kept in Czech

Til Perisic strikes

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Spain v Sweden

Saint Georges
The yellow Sweden
The Spanish Strawberries
against Yellow Submarine
Are we going to see
goalles draw
one late goal ?

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Day 4 Euro 2020 haiku

ten man Poles implode

plucky neighbours steal the spoils

for Slovakia ~

(Poland 1-2 Slovakia
St Peterburg . Jun 14 2021
Day 4 Group E .Euro 2020)

chances missed galore ..

Spain are held and taught by Swedes

passing doesn’t count ~

(Spain 0-0 Sweden
Seville. June 14 2021
Day 4. Group E. Euro 2020)

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Can We Start To Dream?

can we start to dream
or are we fooling ourselves…..
why not all the way?


Sweden 0-2 England

whatever you say
England swept the Swedes apart
with this new belief

just like Duracell
who cares if Raheem can’t score
he just runs and runs

just two steps away
way beyond our widest dreams
could this be our time?


Russia 2-2 Croatia (4-3 AET)

politics aside
Russian faces in the crowd
show a different side

oh how close they came
always in it til the end
and those cruel pens

Manzukic et al
somehow keep their tired heads
for this spot kick win

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World Cup day 21

England are in the semi finals
Sweden 0-2 England

Gareth Southgate joins the ranks
Of Sir Alf and Sir Bobby
For the first time in 28 years
England are in the semi

Red Henderson controlled the flow
Playing to the English choir
England ahead from a set piece
It’s that man Harry Maguire

A hat trick of saves from Pickford
Trippier and Lingard combined
Delle Alli heads in at the far post
Last four sealed, delivered, signed

Croats break Russian hearts
Russia (3) 2-2 (4) Croatia (AET)

It’s the World Cup that keeps giving
Tis the tale of Mother Russia
When Subasic is caught napping
Cheryshev whips in a blinder

Kramaric squares
Vida tightens the rope
Fernandes the boy from Brazil
Gives Mother Russia hope

Not the greatest ever shootout
Fernandes goes to zero
Who will be the difference?
Modric is the nations hero

07 07 18

© emdad rahman

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Will We Still Be Part Of It All ?

there’s a question that’s burning inside me
and it’s burning inside you I’m sure
we’ve been hoping and longing for years now
and we’ve felt it a few times before
now the pundits are rating our chances
and some say the’re big… some say small
but when I’m behind my old sofa
will we still be part of it all?

but it’s starting to get pretty close now
and it won’t be too long til it’s here
we might as well say throw our concepts away
for in time it will all become clear
but lately I’m thinking how fragile we are
we despair and prepare for a fall
but you and I know that however it goes
we’re still glad to be part of it all

yeah it’s one of those times when you start to believe
and you feel like we just might get through
but it’s one of those times when you scream out loud
about what in the world can we do
cause whatever we do in the quarters
its a chance for the boys to stand tall
there’s a dream in each eye…will we laugh will we cry
will we still be a part of it all?

and I still don’t subscribe to the madness
the money and greed in the game
and Blatter has gone but the smell lingers on
and it will do again and again
but i’ve never been scared to stand up to their lies
though sometimes it’s like a brick wall
so i’m writing this poem wherever it’s going
and I’m glad to be part of it all

they can ruin our game with their power
they can drive all the true fans away
they can make it revolve around branding
exploiting the parents who pay
for their children to advertise products
for prices that shock and apall
it drives us all mad and it make us so sad
at the things that they do to football

but just when you feel they’ve destroyed this old game
a penalty save makes us sing
and something reminds you the power of faith
is a really incredible thing
and yes I’m instilled with emotion
and I’ve watched ev’ry time as we fall
but I was eighteen when we realised our dream
and it’s something I still can recall

and in between parties in Chelsea
or hanging out on the Kings Road
I was with there with a black and white tele
and I felt like my heart would explode
when football came home for the first time
and the sixty six boys stood up tall
when the streets came alive in that hot Summer vibe
how I loved being part of it all

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Sweden England Next haiku

Sweden England next
hopefully play-actingless
and a finer game


Sweden 1-0 Switzerland

Zlatanless but through
One deflection is enough
To cut this Swiss roll

furnished with success
flat pack four Ikea like
Sweden build their home

ten man Swiss compound
Blagult are still in the mix
England now await


Colombia 1-1 England
England win 4-3 on penalties.

dear oh dear oh dear
where on Earth do we begin
to pen our relief?

nervy night again
no Rashford* or Loftus Cheek
we looked poor upfront

through but only just
penalty hoodoo undone
but we must improve

coming home the cry
suddenly on ev’ry lip
wiil it be in tears?

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Source: http://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/sweden/