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France Uruguay+Farewell Messi Ronaldo -Day 16

rivalries aside
for Ronaldo and Messi
time to say farewell


France 4-3 Argentina

in this Russian heat
two proud nations lock their horns
France emerge and stay

this new prodigy
Mbape with youthful touch
tears Argie apart

fluent style and pace
dancing on our global stage
Allez on Les Bleus


Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

like an eagle swoops
Cavani the pouncer here
with such stunning goals

Ronaldo forlorn
Portugal again fall short
Uruguay stand tall

chances come and go
Sky Blues here remind us all
grab them while you can

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On Day Sixteen

France v Argentina

Mbappe sur une Kyllian spree
Inspires Les Bleus pour gagner 4-3
(Thought I’d chance me arm, at a bit of the old Francais)
T’was a tres magnifique sight to watch
Till I screamed selfishly, “Oi Deschamps”, at me goggle box…
“Don’t sub him (Mbappe) yet, leave him out there, let him play”.

Argentina head for the plane
With a case of what might have been…yet again
For a clearly – I don’t fancy this – Lionel Messi
While their former talisman in the stand
Cigar in God-like podgy hand
Tells all who’ll listen…”Please Don’t Cry For Me”.
Uruguay v Portugal.

T’was a case of the old one two
For Uruguay, in this no prisoners taken duel,
Against a Portugal side being carried by a name
Once the threat of Ron was snuffed
By Godin – a canny defensive pain in the butt –
Uruguay won as a team, albeit one on another plane.

Their strong team ethic clearly works
I mean…two centre forwards getting stuck in where it hurts?
In order to win the ball back if it’s lost?
Plus their beautifully crafted deuce of goals last night
(Well worthy of another look again in the day light)
Moves me to say of them, “U R The Guys (sic)…the rest must try to stop”!

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World Cup day 16

Boy wonder Mbappe sends Argentina home
France 4-3 Argentina

With the magician it’s so simple
You look up, locate his place
Don’t go on a mazy dribble
You play it to Messi in space

Griezmann with a penalty
Rojo with a clumsy foul
Angel lashes home a stunner
Behold Maradona’s howl

Messi shoots on goal
Deflection by Mercado
There’s unrest in Les Bleus ranks
What’s Didier Deschamps’ throw?

With the focus on Messi
Pavard’s missile allez, allez!
Mbappe the first teen to score
In a World Cup since Pele

Aguero with a late consolation
El Jefe Mascherano retires snappy
Mbappe the boy wonder
Will live long in memory

La Celeste concede but go through
Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

Uruguay hadn’t been breached
For six full games in a row
Not that huge a surprise
Their stoppers are from Atletico

One nil to La Celeste
Smacking off Cavani’s face
Pepe is free to head home
Edinson curls a beauty with pace

El Matador retires hurt
Quaresma joins the front crew
Godin and Gimenez close shop
Oscar Tabarez’s men go through

30 06 18

© emdad rahman

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WC2018 Day 13 – haiku

Maradona hurts
Elimination side-stepped
Messi takes control


It almost happened
Last sixteen without Messi?
Leo gets serious!


When a draw will do
Final score: honours(?) even
Les Blues and the Danes


Quelle surprise! Nil-Nil
First one of the tournament
Suits both to go through


Progress freezes up
Not for the want of trying
Thunderclap death knell


Cahill makes a bow
Aussies rue missed chances
Return down under


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Denmark France Argentina Croatia Through haiku-WC Day 13

Denmark 0-0 France

we’ve been here before
two teams through afraid to risk
yawn yawn yawn yawn yawn


Australia 0-2 Peru

Los Incas leave proud
joyous fans and skilful play
Socceroos head home


Nigeria 1-2 Argentina

brave Nigeria
gave so much but once again
Argies still come good


Iceland 1-2 Croatia

Iceland come so close
how we’ll miss their strength and fans
Croatia advance


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World Cup day 13

First bore draw at Russia 2018
Denmark 0-0 France

Only a matter of time
Some team would refuse the bait
With a bore draw at the Luzhniki
We’re treated to a stalemate

Where would a goal come from?
Neither team needed the win
They passed it back and sideways
Who could blame the fans din

It was eleven behind the ball
Red frustrating the blue
Anything else a bonus
As both nations go through

Socceroos humbled by Los Incas
Australia 0-2 Peru

Peru’s first win in forty years
Starts with a volley from Carrillo
Saved from a sure fire ban
It’s that man Guerrero

His World Cup dream
Saved by Jedinak’s letter
Peru finish on a high
Aussies leave Russia with a whimper

With Peru’s skipper facing a ban
The Group C captains did their bit
And when the chance came
Guerrero made the most of it

Rojo again as Argentina arrive
Nigeria 1-2 Argentina

Cometh the hour, comes the man
Wonder goal from Messi
Mascherano wrestles Balogun
Moses rolls home the penalty

Following on from Port Alegre
Lightning does strike twice
Mascherano leading the charge
With a last throw of the dice

It took the centre half to settle
Begging went chance after chance
A stupendous volley by Rojo
It’s the Argentines who advance

Brave Icemen fall short
Iceland 1-2 Croatia

Badelj puts Croatia in the lead
Dejan Lovren becomes a sinner
Sigurdsson levels from the spot
Perisic with a last minute winner

It’s heartbreak in Rostov
No more thunderclap hands
Iceland and their fans crestfallen
There are tears in the stands

Group D ends up like this
After a breathless nights play
Croatia face Denmark
France meet Argentina on Sunday

26 06 18

© emdad rahman

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Beards Snails & Stars haiku -WC Day 8

things are hotting up
still the ‘fave-rites’* struggle with
beards snails and stars


Denmark 1-1 Australia

Jedinak spot on
striking pens like stroking beards
Socceroos hold Danes


France 1-0 Peru

Bleus advance like snails
with their huge army of fans
bold Peru are gone


Argentina 0-3 Croatia

Croats light the night
Rakitic their shooting star
Argies lost in space

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World Cup day 8

VAR to the rescue
Denmark 1-1 Australia

Australia are still in it
With Jedinak so trusty
Securing the first point
Against the Danes in Group C

Eriksen with a stunner
Cancelled by the Aussie penalty
Yussuf Poulsen’s handball
Thanks video assistant referee

Aaron Mooy went close
Sisto almost with a goal
France play next
As Age Hareide’s side take pole
21 06 18

© Emdad Rahman

Les Bleus reach last sixteen
France 1-0 Peru

If France have a blazing weapon
It’s Mbappé’s youthful flame
It was left to the young star
To decide an absorbing game

Les Bleus are the third team
To clinch a spot in the last sixteen
Los Incas could’ve shocked
Had Gareca’s strikers been more keen

So France’s youngest World Cup scorer
Is a mere nineteen years old
Tapping in a Paul Pogba pass
To think things stone dead cold

21 06 18

© Emdad Rahman

Argentina on the brink
Argentina 0-0 Croatia

With Ronnie on four goals
Would Messi start to shine?
Already playing catch up
We’re assured it’ll all be fine

A clanger from Caballero
Ante Rebic with a super volley
Modric hammers in a blinder
You can’t just scapegoat Willy

And as the seconds ticked away
Rakitic applied the handcuff
Now even a win against Nigeria
May not be quite enough

21 06 18

© Emdad Rahman

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Heartbreak Moments haiku~ WC Day 3

France 2-1 Australia

even with such stars
France rely on VAR
Socceroos so close


Argentina 1-1 Iceland

with volcanic rock
Iceland freeze the Argies out
Messi fluffs from spot


Croatia 2-0 Nigeria

would be dark horses
Modric slots Croatia past
poor Nigeria


Denmark 1-0 Peru

Denmark ride their luck
brave Peru do all but score
for their hordes of fans

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World Cup day 3

Pogba spares the Blues
France 2-1 Australia

This was the game of plenty
France had more and more
With their lethal attacking trio
How many would Les Bleus score?

Twas a penalty that never was
Griezmann dispatched it coolly
What’s most shocking of all
Is VAR acting unruly

Umtiti has a mad moment
Jedinak the Aussie star
Deschamps rings the changes
Bailed out by Pogba

16 06 18

© emdad rahman

Argies face the bargy
Argentina 1-1 Iceland

Argentina were left to rue
Messi’s sport kick is costly
Mascherano breaks the record
VAR misses a clear penalty

Aguero scores his very first
So lethal on the swivel
Hallgrimsson’s organised side
Simply refused to shrivel

The lead lasts four minutes
Finnbogason with a simple tap
Argentina pressed for the winner
For the vikings it’s a wrap

16 06 18

© emdad rahman

Unlucky Peru rue killer touch
Peru 0-1 Denmark

Yussuf Poulsen did enough
To win this opening tie
Peru had 17 shots without scoring
To leave the Danes home and dry

It could have been different
Christian Cueva had the bullseye
VAR awarded a penalty kick
But he chose to aim for the sky

There was no past Schmeichel
Although Peru tethered Eriksen’s flow
Denmark take the three points
They were quite lucky to do so

16 06 18

© emdad rahman

Sorry Nigeria are lambs to the slaughter
Croatia 2-0 Nigeria

Etebo’s own goal
And a Modric penalty
Gives Croatia a winning start
Thanks to Nigeria in Group D

It was a dire game in Kaliningrad
With a wrestling bout on the pitch
Ref Sandro Ricci didn’t hesitate
When Troost-Ekong grapples Mandzukic

There was no danger
Of Modric and his penalty
Super Eagles were woeful
With Etebo off to Stoke City

16 06 18

© emdad rahman

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