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Touch-Line Tantrums.

“If The Toon score now, he’ll do his nut
He’s lost his marbles, near enough
What’s with all that static down the touch-line?”,

“Geezers totally lost the plot
Drop a couple o’ Yorkshires in the pot
No, I’m fine with a cup o’ Rosy, you have wine.

Ere, who’s he shouting and screaming at
Never seen a manager act like that
Geezer looks to be having a barney with himself?”,
“Got to admire that Eddie Howe
Way he body-swerved a row just now?
Gotta say, I worry for the geezers mental health”.

“Blimey, he’s gone off on one agin
The Arsenal, need to reign their gaffer in
That the ref hasn’t brandished a card yet is absurd”,
“Brandished a card my derriere
They’ll need men in white coats over there
If a pal of his, in the dug-out don’t have a quiet word”.

“Whoa, what do think? A pen?
Strewth! He’s up and screaming yet again
Blimey, he’s having a pop at Jason Tindall now”,
“Hmm…five extra minutes? I made it ten
Don’t really want this game to end
Though, I’ve feeling there could be a full-time row?”

“Phew! That was like a day’s hard-work
Watching Mikel Arteta nigh go berserk
He’s an intimidating gaffer I shouldn’t wonder?
That said, watching Arteta lose it down the line
When it comes to North London Derby time?
He goes face to face with Conte, run for cover”.


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