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Wounded Pride.

Would history repeat itself, on a cold Parisienne night?
A deft fleet footed tiny elf, vacate his throne, take flight?
The answers to such questions, quickly disappeared
In a blitz of ball possession, to be dreamed about, revered.

PSG turned up at home to play, win, entertain, and enthral
But, to play as wizened pundits say, a team needs have a ball
Relentless in subtle approach play, little give and go’s sublime
Another sphere, another day? Barca victors come half-time.

Sipping Fentimans Ginger Beer n ice, I urge Dembele…score
Not once, not twice, not thrice times, an exasperated four
Reminded of Meadowlark and co, I envy PSG their thankless task
Eclipsing Barcelona’s ebb n flow? Seemed an unattainable ask.

Despite a double dodgy penalty, a blinding Messi thunderbolt
Seemed to me at least that PSG, struggled hard through-out to cope
Messi sees his spot-kick saved, followed by a frantic free for all
PSG trudge off the field of play, seeking out the BFC exclusive ball.

Would the second half surpass the first? Dembele caress the elusive net?
Might PSG quench Barcelona’s thirst, lack nous, sit back, en garde, regret?
What happened during the second-half, is of little consequence at all?
PSG stutter through midst a nervous gasp, trying to find and keep the ball.

During the initial forty-five plus minutes, watching the Barcelona way to play
The intricate deft give and goes within it, retrieving the odd ball gone astray
I’m reminded football’s a simple game, to control, receive or make a pass*
Played by a team, not one lauded selfish pseudo-God, ply’s his trade on grass.

The Champions League dream done n dusted, this decimated term at least
Barcelona bid, au revoir to Paris encrusted in plaudits post a veritable T.V. feast
Sometimes it isn’t the at all cost winning, attracts fans hankering after fame
It’s the pleasure your teams delivering, in the guise of playing a simple game.

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Brand New Season

brand new season same old same old
blank green canvas big clean slate
new beginnings better endings
grab the handrail take the bait

brand new season same old same old
keep on longing live the dream
keep on burning keep returning
every whisper every scream
brand new season free of moaning
mending bridges club and fan
time to move together forward
destination in your hand

brand new season brand new challenge
brand new players brand new day
bang that drum and raise your voices
throw the negative away
brand new moment on your doorstep
stadium to tiny ground
Forest Green to Barcelona
village hamlet city town

brand new season same old same old
brand new hope in every fan
chasing titles to survival
since the journey first began
brand new season same old same old
check your senses check your purse
nine long months of tortured pleasure
will the worst comes to the worst?

brand new season same old same old
armchair pub or in the stand
brand new kit revamped programmes
get on board if you still can
brand new season same old -same old
keep on dreaming keep on track
keep on chasing keep on trying
brand new season welcome back

brand new vision brand new longing
brand new chance to make it so
let the football do the talking
let’s go lentil………here we go

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/barcelona/