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Dancin an Singin in The Rain.

Prior to a torrential down-pour
Abraham scores once more
Our bogy team, fail to get a sniff o the game.
Though keeper Kepa keeps a slippery clean slate
He best quickly sort out his plates, or his fate…
Could be a Ryanair one way, en route to Spain?

Onward Christian soldiers…
Brave heart and broad shoulders,
Nutting in the second, before careering off the goals frame.
Straight up…there was only ever gonna be one winner
While there at the death, our fans resembled Fred n Ginger…
Splish-sploshing along Fulham Road…Dancin an Singin in The Rain.


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O Me of Little Faith.

After giving Pulisic,
Untold, untold negative shtick
He schleps up to the grave-yard of Turf Moor,
Where not only does he score?
But…goes on to bag himself…a perfect hat-trick*.

Leaving me and any other stupid eejit
Above in the Gods of Heaven where I sit,
Had the gall to question our revered Christian,
(The answers Yes, I’m indeed a fickle man)
Looking like an absolute di…p-stick.

I guess what I’m trying to say?
To ye fellow Blues of little faith
Don’t be making false assumptions
Let’s give a geezer some encouragement
Out there going at it for us, midst the fray.

Truth is, he’s hardly had a kick this season
So there really ain’t a decent reason
For simply tossing him to The Lions (No!)
The Wolves, or even worse…them Irons( Whoa!)
When despite his fee, he appears to be at least half decent…

Sez I…eating humble apple pie, like Pulisic, from the good old U.S.A.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/christian-pulisic/