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Nameless shirts

When was the last time England really got me excited?
I forget
Who was the last England manager that I really, really trusted to lead our troops?
I forget
Why was it that Lampard, Gerard, Scholes didn’t gel?
I forget
But I do have my own opinion
And in mine own dominion, I’ll hold court
Like as not, I’ll pause….
Not so much as “hold that thought”….
But… where did it go?

I’ve seen my forbears tread that isolating path
From the first forgetful moment (treated as a laugh)
To the locking up of doors, and added safety features
Sadly limiting the elderly, in an unedifying way
(and all too often mis-labelled, as God’s crazy creatures)

So in my own future
When I look back to this game
I may not remember the Toney & Bellingham goals
But deep down in my heart and soul
I’ll know
That the absence of names on the shirts
Was a meaningful and well-intended message
To raise awareness and concern
And hopefully I’ll be able to discern
The many fruitless England attacks
While my mind jumbles, at the behest of warring tau proteins
and inimical amyloid plaques

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