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Adios T.C. Who’s He?

Sticking it to a fading giant bereft a fight
On a rain-swept Stamford Bridge last night
The home side come to realize their class
Revenge is sweet, so the saying goes,
On a former custodian, once kept goal
Deemed now as a right snake in the grass.

Another night, shooting sights aligned
The old adage…take your bleating time,
Five or six at least might have blitzed their sodden net?
Pay-back to a, let me take a hike, or I’ll go on strike,
Sloped off to Madrid, like a tea-leaf in the night
Us paying Partisan’s, in the stands won’t let forget!

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Kepa the leper

an act of dissent
to the bench
while the stench
of mutiny

Sarri fingered
as dead man walking
meanwhile Kepa?
like a leper

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Gordon Banks – England’s number one

Pele screamed “Gol”
Alberto and Jairzinho tricky
Banks saves heart and soul
Modestly terming it “lucky”

Brilliance from the World Cup winner
In the heat of Guadalajara
Chesterfield, Leicester, Stoke, FIFA
Named six times keeper of the year

Once the Kop lauded merrily
“Nice work, Gordon,” sang the ranks
Lap of honour with Bill Shankly
You’ll never walk alone Gordon Banks

Gordon Banks 1937-2019

12 02 19

© emdad rahman

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/goalkeeper/