Poems tagged ‘Injured Players. Chelsea Football Club.’

Due To An Inj Squad. I’m Sat By The Dog!*

Carefree…plagued by player injury
We are the famous WW.C(rocked).F.C
Another bod hits the sod, gets up looking lame,
Gaffer said, ”Best bell, Kev,
Get that spring chicken out a bedH
Maybe he’s free Satadee, might fancy a game?”.

“What? Me? At The Bridge?
That’s a boyhood dream come true, that’s is…
But…I’m seventy next year, you taking The Mick?”,
“Calm down, stupid get, gaffer hasn’t belled you yet?
and if the famous C.F.C do, don’t you forget…
There’s rarely a good tune played on a crock o’….”.


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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/injured-players-chelsea-football-club/