Poems tagged ‘Lille’

dream machine engages

there’s a stillness to the night –
sleep has zero’d in on the whole household
bar one
the night owl
the habitual moon-walker

and in the dying moments
afore they too join the slumber party
even the tiniest movements
create a deafening din

a twisting of a tap
and a waterfall spouts, torrents into the tumbler;
a rifling through pockets
for the softest of tissues
to dab the runniest of noses
sounds like a full-on firing range;

but despite all this uproar
the biggest racket is reserved
when finally the land of nod beckons
and the head nestles into duck-down wadding;
the eyelids flutter, then settle, open no more
but the dream machine engages
and over the shindig of snores
there’s the loudest of roars
when the Wednesdayite shoots and scores!

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/lille/