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Close Encounter.

Asked to play out on the wing down The Den
Greavsie uttered, “Nah, sorry boss, never again
Been here before, couple a times in The Cup
Bleating dockers trying a kick me, tripping me up
I’ve played centre forward here, ever since…then”.


 Stay sage. Bode well.

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March 4th, First Defeat of The Year


Millwall lost this morning
For the first time in 17 since
We went to Walsall all the way
Back in December

Fortunately it was only on
My radio, naturally Saturday
Mornings’ Danny Baker
Sausage sandwich game

We were trampled underfoot
By a junior under 11 team but
Then we never win
Not on that show

This afternoon I’ll take the 3 points
One-nil will do and promotion as
Champions and of course FA Cup

As next week it is Spurs and
I can smell their fear knowing
We ain’t conceded even a goal
For 11 whole games

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The Quietness of the Kipper Season

Watching the sky change from Petticoat Tower,
on the top floor a widower
scans the gold of morning, hassle of twilight,
glimpses the holy land as old animosities
settle over gin and lemonade
with the old boy from the ground floor
with the frame. Past rivalries fade
as we look down on the metropolis,
running over memory’s lines and points,
distant rays lighting up Cliff’s face
at South Bermondsey after Millwall v Fulham
in February sun after the quietness
of the Kipper Season, staring down the track
following another hard-fought nil nil at The Den.

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