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WC2018 Day 16

Messi Ronaldo
Lack of versed supporting cast
Exeunt stage left


Changing of the guard
Two goals versus two assists
Mbappe trumps Leo

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France Uruguay+Farewell Messi Ronaldo -Day 16

rivalries aside
for Ronaldo and Messi
time to say farewell


France 4-3 Argentina

in this Russian heat
two proud nations lock their horns
France emerge and stay

this new prodigy
Mbape with youthful touch
tears Argie apart

fluent style and pace
dancing on our global stage
Allez on Les Bleus


Uruguay 2-1 Portugal

like an eagle swoops
Cavani the pouncer here
with such stunning goals

Ronaldo forlorn
Portugal again fall short
Uruguay stand tall

chances come and go
Sky Blues here remind us all
grab them while you can

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VARcical – Spain & Portugal Through -WC Day 12

Uruguay 3-0 Russia

ten man Russia fall
to Suarez and Cavani
in their spaceship home


Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt

even with Salah
Pharoahs bow to Saudis late
as both bid farewell


Iran 1-1 Portugal

stealing headlines still
VAR lets Christiano off
as Iran stand tall

Spain 2-2 Morocco

VAR decides once more
Aspas late goal grabs a draw
to see Spain end top

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World Cup day 12

El Hadary the star but Saudis take spoils
Saudi Arabia 2-1 Egypt

A 45 year old makes history
Evergeen Essam El Hadary
Taking Faryd Mondragon’s record
Saving Fahad Al Muwallad’s penalty

There’s that Red forward
Salah the Egyptian gem
Brilliantly lobbing the ball
Over Yasser Al-Mosailem

El Hadary conceded two
His countrymen left bereft
Salman Al Faraj’s spot kick
Al Dawsari with seconds left

Charruas make it three on the trot
Uruguay 3-0 Russia

The home party is muted
Cut to size in Samara
Fernando Muslera breaks a record
His country’s most capped ever

Russia had scored eight goals
Home support makes them tick
Falling behind to the Charruas
Suarez drilled a clever free kick

Worse for Cherchesov’s boys
Cheryshev was unlucky
Akinfeev blocked Bentancur
But Cavani pounced for three

Ansarifard quells Quaresma
Iran 1-1 Portugal

Somehow unfulfilled
Yet so colourful a career
His right foot flick pure madness
That for you is Ricky Quaresma

Television is taking control
VAR once again to the fore
Ronaldo fluffs a penalty
He’s still on goal number four

Lucky escape for Ronaldo
VAR once again to the fore
Ansarifard’s penalty spot on
Portugal second and a little bit sore

VAR leaves La Roja leading group
Spain 2-2 Morocco

Spain survive a scare
As VAR catches many on the hop
Iran’s late goal against Portugal
Sees La Roja finish top

Morocco are home and
They’re really not so bad
Khalid Boutaib keeps his cool
Isco levels in Kalinigrad

Youssef En-Nesyri heads a second
VAR awards Aspas’ flick
Spain will now play Russia
Maroc get ready to go home

25 06 18

© emdad rahman

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WC2018 Day 7 – haiku

big boys out in force
Ronaldo, Suarez, Costa
who else of course

~ # ~

one-nil common score
Morocco and Saudi out
alas already

~ # ~

somersault throw-in
we all wanted to see it
aborted desires

~ # ~

Gareth jog amiss
Southgate restrained by shoulder
no more punching air

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1-0~ 1-0~ 1-0 haiku-WC Day 7

Portugal 1-0 Morocco

like some one man team
Ronnie breaks Moroccan hearts
only four mins in


Uruguay 1-0 Saudi Arabia

Suarez is the key
Saudis toothless lock is picked
Uruguay march on


Iran 0-1 Spain

Costa on the bounce
knees one in past brave Iran
who gave ev’rything

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Spain v Iran & Morocco v Portugal

Spain v Iran

Ran and ran
Though the first halfs game plan
Failed pretty miserably.

Then a cruel twist of fate
Snatched scant chance of victory away
Proving it clearly wasn’t their day
Courtesy of a ricochet off Costa’s knee.


Morocco v Portugal

Cool dude Christy Ron
Nuts one in early on
Yet Portugal continue to struggle, tis odd?
Could it possibly be
One Portuguese,
Blessed with sublime artistry,
Can carry an under-performing squad on his Tod?

Absolutely felt for Morocco
Who really gave it a go
Yet with one game to play are now done
I could launch a verbal attack
On a cynical Portuguese centre back
Whose cheating histrionics are anything but…fun
Though…“Cheats rarely prosper”, I was warned by me mum!

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WC2018 Day 2

    The Iberian Derby

The south-western edge of Europe
Has come to a stop
As Iberian Peninsula partners
Shape up and have a pop

And didn’t they just!
Ronaldo bagging three
As both teams go toe to toe
In a goal-scoring spree!

~ # ~

    Southern Hemisphere duel

Iran has faced a pre-tournament uprising –
Not from the Berbers
But rightfully from
Gender disturbers

For their joyful football posters
Adorning the advertising boards
Showed men and only men
From among their Nation’s hordes

In the ensuing stink
The artwork has been revised
Feminism taken to the brink
Now ladies are no longer disguised!

~ # ~

Shoved out the door pre first match
Real farce!

~ # ~

Hand sheiks all round
Infantino and cronies
Putin insincere


Late Late Hat-Trick haiku-WC Day 2

Egypt 0-1 Uruguay

toothless Suarez finds
La Celeste left lacking bite
til that late late goal

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Morocco 0-1 Iran

95 upon the clock
in another late late show
settled by own goal

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cristianogal 3-3 Spain

early and late late
Ronaldo lights up the night
as only he can

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World Cup day 2

Day 2

Unlucky Pharaohs sucker punched

Egypt 0-1 Uruguay

There’s a mystery in Ekaterinburg
Where missing seats are aplenty
Suarez looked well sluggish
But Cavani is equally lively

Carlos Sanchez’s free kick
Evades the rookie El Shenawy
Giménez heads in for Uruguay
A first opening win since 1970

We saw a defensive masterclass
Egypt now look to get on track
Godin was simply flawless
But Salah will soon be back


No boots, no sweat

Morocco 0-1 Iran

So a second African team
Succumbed to a late strike
Iran win with seconds to spare
To stick two fingers up at Nike

It may have been to Queiroz
“The hardest group of the World Cup”
With only a second ever win
His team are surely on the up

Again this one settled late
No boots, no sweat
Aziz Bouhaddouz defending a set piece
Heading into his own net


Ronaldo 3-3 Spain

Portugal 3-3 Spain

At the table of Ronaldo
The whole of Portugal sups
He’s now the fourth ever player
To score at four World Cups

Penalty gold in the first half
Who else but Ronaldo
Two from the bullish Costa
A swerving screamer from Nacho

I called it the moment the ref blew
Ronnie’s 51st career hat trick
This thrilling Group B opener
Squared with a vicious late free kick

15 06 18

© emdad rahman

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