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Switzeland Spain & Italy Triumph E24 #2

Magyars toil in vain

Swiss roll over Hungary

in a sea of red


with Yamal’s sweet pace

though outnumbered in the stands

Spain lay down their mark


shocked from the word go

holders sink Albania

to restore their pride

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Spain Triumph ~ WWC23

so near yet so far
what a tournament it’s been
Spain a class above

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WWC23~The Gold

The Gold is near
Someone will be the winner
“The Ladies don’t fear” I sing

Congratulations to the Lionesses

The Gold is near
Someone wil be the winner
The Ladies don’t fear

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Time To Bring it Home ~ WWC 23

there again at last
Lionesses on the brink
time to bring it home ~

(Australia 1-3 England)
cagey from the start
settled in the late last show
La Roja are through

(Spain 2-1 Sweden)

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Australia Nigeria Japan & Spain Through WWC ’23

~ Canada 0-4 Australia ~

waltzing on they go
bold Matildas find their best
Canada are out

~ Ireland 0-0 Nigeria ~

flying safely through
Super Falcons battle on
Ireland win respect

~ Japan 4-0 Spain ~

Japan top the group
Spain collapse but still survive
after four goal blitz
~ Costa Rica 1-3 Zambia ~

in this dead rubber
Zambia impress too late
as both team depart

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Fratelli d’Italia.

A re-ignited Spain, should be applauded
Their efforts praised, and rightly lauded
Luis Enrique (of Gijon), prepped a proper mustard team
Hats off to an out of sorts Alvaro Morata
A shadow up-front, an area he often failed to flatter
Whom under death-threats, kept alive a nation’s dream.

Once again, Italy, catenaccio in their DNA
Stand resolute (as one) to seize the day
Tis a sight to see a committed team defend for fun?
Yet despite the classic Italian counter attacks
I thought Forza Azzurri might well win the match…
Witnessing their incandescent Fratelli d’Italia sung.

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Italy Spot On ~ Day 20 SF Euro 2020 haiku

Italy spot on

toe to toe they ebb and flow

Spain leave heads held high

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We’ve Won in Rome. We’ve Won in Rome…

In there, fighting still
Beating Ukraine four goals to nil
On a balmy night in The Eternal City…Rome.

Time to shower, board a plane
Fly back to Blighty, face The Danes
On Wednesday night in our Eternal Home.

Say…we dispatch the marauding Danes?
Are we a match for Italia or Spain?
On current form? I’d say the answers…yes.

Tis looking like this could be our year?
Let’s raise the roof, scream aloud n cheer,
Support the chaps…in their quest for success.

On the subject of success, though I digress,
Please raise a glass, come Monday next,
To 73 years, of our absolutely blinding…NHS.

We’ve won in Rome
We’ve won in Rome
We won four-nil, last night in Rome!
The road goes ever on, t’wards our Eternal Home.

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Simón saves for Spain ~ Day 18 Euro 2020 haiku

Simón saves for Spain

stretched and tight they win on pens

ten men Swiss are rolled

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Five Star Spain Again .Day 16 Euro 2020 haiku

five star Spain again

Croatian fightback falls short

Morata the key

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