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It’s finished at Sunderland

It’s finished at Sunderland
Manchester United have done all they can
But is it enough?
The players look to Ferguson, even he doesn’t know
Cos at City, there’s still two minutes to go
For all the triumphs he can recall
Today would be the sweetest of all
Not just to reward a season’s labours
But also to silence the noisy neighbours

It’s finished at Sunderland
United fans at the Stadium Of Light
Cavort in disbelief and delight
City must win to take their crown
But a minute ago they were 2-1 down
It’s another sky-blue pantomime
Two goals needed in added time
Reds laugh and sing and joke and dance
As those pathetic chokers blow their chance

It’s finished at Sunderland
In Manchester it’s doom and gloom
As City fans’ worst nightmare looms
Some broken souls already leaving
Planned celebrations replaced by grieving
How they’ll scoff and sneer and gloat and mock
At English football’s laughing stock
Our chance to end 44 years of hurt
Will end with faces in the dirt
Friends will console us, eyes full of pity
As we suck up another dose of Typical City
Billions invested by Arab States
Yet our role as losers perpetuates
A summer of hibernation awaits

It’s finished at Sunderland
We’ve got one of the two we need
But the seconds are running down at speed
Fans with ashen faces look forlorn
Dreams of glory almost gone
But the darkest hour is just before dawn…

Mario prods the ball into space
Sergio takes it on at pace
Rides a desperate tackle from Taiwo
And the noise rises to a crescendo
As with concentration absolute
He pulls his right leg back to shoot
And time…

Everybody knows the rest
This day will always be the best
The desolation of bitter failure beckoned
But morphed into bliss in just one second
Whatever glories the future may bring
Whichever heroes’ names we sing
For everybody who was there
Nothing else will ever compare

It’s finished at Sunderland
Where to sickened reds news filters through
That Manchester, once again, is blue

Suppose they’re getting used to it by now…


Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/sunderland/