Poems tagged ‘Tammy Abraham’

Dancin an Singin in The Rain.

Prior to a torrential down-pour
Abraham scores once more
Our bogy team, fail to get a sniff o the game.
Though keeper Kepa keeps a slippery clean slate
He best quickly sort out his plates, or his fate…
Could be a Ryanair one way, en route to Spain?

Onward Christian soldiers…
Brave heart and broad shoulders,
Nutting in the second, before careering off the goals frame.
Straight up…there was only ever gonna be one winner
While there at the death, our fans resembled Fred n Ginger…
Splish-sploshing along Fulham Road…Dancin an Singin in The Rain.


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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/tammy-abraham/