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Who Will Rule Out Danes? Day 14 Euro 2020 haiku

who will rule out Danes?

with their passing class of moves

poor Wales are destroyed

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Danes slaughter Wales – haiku

HANS nurse back his medicine
jumps from bed and cheers

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Fickle or What?

Pseudo Welsh tenner lives next door
Let out one almighty guttural roar
As their stoppage time sublimer crossed the line,
“Gareth is an absolute Colossus”, he screamed aloud,
“Tom, Cery’s, Charlotte, and The Manics will stand proud
There’ll be a welcome in the valleys any time”,

Yet earlier, when your man’s pen sailed over the bar
I’m almost certain Gareth’s name, and yaki da?
Sounded profound enough to be deleted from this rhyme?

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Wales & Italy’s Day 6. Euro 2020 haiku

penalty aside

Bale and Ramsey steal the show

Wales are nearly there ~


now well in the mix

Azzuri sweep Swiss aside

last sixteen spot theirs ~

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Day 1 & 2. Group A Matches. Euro 2020 haiku

two fine headed goals

Swiss can’t quite roll over Wales

stalemate in the end ~

(Wales 1-1 Switzerland . Day 2 Group B. Euro 2020).


passing with such ease

Italy’s persistence breaks

Turkey’s stubborn wall ~

(Turkey 0-3 Italy. Day 1. Group A. Euro 2020. Jun 11 2021!)

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58 Years

Gareth Bale, Wales vs. Slovakia, Euro 2016 Group B,
Bordeaux, France, 11th June 2016

He’s hit free kicks before.
Lifted them over memories
of spurned chances,
missed penalties.
Bent them round the shadows
of an unjust sporting past:
an East German and his missing flag,
a toothless Scot’s veiled fist.
Some nestled in side-netting,
while others found a postage stamp.
Each one sent home dulls the thwack
of Bodin and his crossbar.

This one soars.
Not just above a Slovak wall,
six men wide, but beyond
the Nouveau Stade,
the French countryside.
Across the Severn Sea to land
in living rooms
and pubs and clubs,
to break a stretching absence heard
through fifty-eight tormented years.
As Kozáčik empties his net,
a nation cheers, for this reset.

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Source: https://footballpoets.org/news/poem-tags/wales/