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Windrush generation

Stepping out onto Albion’s shores
from the ironsides of Windrush
came future friends
future trends
future stars

they assimilated….
but it was a struggle
as the Muggles of middle minded England
welcomed with negative force
and with a narrative both crusty and coarse…
No Blacks
No dogs
No Irish

and Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of blood” speech:
the leeches
of National Front, spray painting “KBW”
added their bile….
and yet all the while
we loved the style
that grew into our game….

The Three Degrees
Viv Anderson’s first cap
Luther Blissett’s first goal
Paul Ince’s tenure as Captain
JB’s wonder goal against Brazil….

all “Progressively moving Britain on”
and enriching our game….
all those banana lobbers
should hang their heads in shame

Clyde Best featured too
I grew up watching him on The Big Match
and then watched non-plussed from the terraces, as our own…
Paul Canoville, Keith Dublin and Keith Jones
were abused with verbal sticks and stones
from those all around me.

It still astounds me
to this day
how racism
ever held so much sway

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