A Cottager’s Lucky Matchday Routine

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 1 It’s got to be done, come rain, hail or sun,
Before leaving home the last check –
My favourite scarf (the old Demon one)
Knotted secure round my neck.
My right shoe on first, laced up with care
just as when I played the game –
The left shoe then follows, to make up the pair,
the order is always the same.
Some of the ritual features pint glasses
so tradition will direct my feet
to make sure, as ever, my Cottage route passes
the Spotted Horse, Putney High Street.
A nod to the Maestro when I reach the ground,
Feeling his gaze fall on me –
Then in through the turnstile, enjoying the sound
of the crowd as it builds towards three.



My ‘Demon Internet’ club scarf is beginning to show signs of wear (as indeed am I)…..
…A pint or two of Young’s Special or London Pride is the taste of matchday, as is acknowledging the sentinel statue of Johnny Haynes outside the ground……

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/a-cottagers-lucky-matchday-routine/