Before the season starts

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It’s the time of year when all teams are on the same points and who knows…

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Tho we’ll just have to pretend
That we’re really in with a shout
For we rightly know that without
The star striker just departed
As soon as the season is started
We’ll no longer be bragging
Rather patently lagging

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I’ll just have to fashion
A way to have us on top
Before we fight the dreaded drop
Lo, from this even keel
A’fore the points start to peel
I’d like to suggest
And let you digest
This new proposal of ranking
When points are equal in banking
Coz u know, it doesn’t work for us alphabetically
Nor even aesthetically
For our shiny new kit
Will be the target of much wit
And points last season accrued
Will leave us nearly nude
And the size of our squad
Won’t give us the nod
Ditto, the size of our ground
Will only compound
Our expected placing in the table
So as we’re unable
To find a sporting way
We’ll just have to slay
All and sundry
And blame it on … this thundery

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This will all work
Will drive me bezerk
As indeed will my team
When reality impinges on dream!



My sincere thanks to S B Ingle for the first line!

The summer of 2007 – the wettest on record?!?!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/before-the-season-starts/