Bottomed out. Surely.

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 So, we’ve been brought low; by bloody Scunny and it’s
not bloody funny, at least it’s got people talking, discussing
Town while working. “They’re gonna drop straight through”
it’s the opinion of not just a few. But hey, Stan was out with
something to prove. What? That he’s good for not-a-lot?
Daniels indeed, guilty m’lud, yet again he was no good, but
let’s not single him out they were mostly dismal, Macca
again the rare good example, 35 the only one with drive,
most of the rest skive, he’s our most effective attacking
option, hey! Did I just mention relegation? Don’t want to
talk about it, football beyond my imagination. It’s only one
defeat, it’s only another defeat, but this one’s not discreet,
can’t be swept away, passed over as just another poor display.
This one was important, too important to blame the referee,
too important for lashing out Daly, see ya, another one back
to Stockport, no point in dragging it through court. No point
in Towns play, no point in Pinault left out, no point in 3-4-3,
no point to see in Stace and Harvey, degenerated so rapidly
from entertainment to ineffective containment.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/bottomed-out-surely/