1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I have a dilemma.
I don’t know quite what to do.
I’ve discovered a treachery;
My cat supports Man U.
If it was any other team
I’m sure I’d be delighted.
Anyone at all
Except Manchester United.
When they are on the telly,
That’s when the purring starts,
But when I’m watching Liverpool
My cat walks in and farts.
I’ve tried to reason with him,
But it does no good at all,
I might as well just waste my time
By talking to the wall.
I’ve considered going to the vet,
But what do you think I’d say?
“My cat gets all excited
Watching Man United play”?
He’s playing mental games with me,
Exploits my greatest fear,
A personal betrayal,
Against all that I hold dear.
So I’ll resign myself,
Accept, whenever Man United score,
My cat will turn and smile at me,
And raise his little paw.
But it helps to get it off my chest,
And tell this little story,
Of how other cats hunt rats and mice,
But my cat hunts for glory.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/cat-has-trophy/