Cathkin Park

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Hark to the sound of Cathkin Park –
The silent slopes of terraces once thronged
with those who longed to break the Glasgow mould of “Them and Us”-
stand witness to the faithful, wronged…
The stories told of gallant quest for honours long ago now left unsaid and laid to rest in parkland peace.. the decease now more than forty years; the tears shed no less bitter now…..
The silence shouting from that place a warning…how Third Lanark
stood proudly against any on the field of battle and at Cathkin against less deadly foes..but then
died as the few chose badly to the cost of the many…..
…The fans who gathered on those slopes come Saturday
even after the club had gone
to talk and fill the void of time; to find ways
to come to terms with the loss
may yet find as moss reclaims that place
kinship in others as the race to wring the last penny
from the game today may cause the shame
to revisit those places of ours in coming days……?



The “Hi-HI’s”…Third Lanark Football Club…died in 1967 after a long and proud history from its beginnings as an army team. Few would have predicted its demise……how many clubs are in the same situation now?

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/cathkin-park/