Charlton – The opening Game

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Await the Reebok Warriors
And their adversaries
Richard’s green arena
Beckons the twenty-two.
Fresh after their summer break,
Italy still fresh in their minds,
As is Radcliffe Borough.
Stelios – flushed with success from Portugal
Newcomers, fresh to the Reebok.
Old hands returning
The old, the new,
The young, the not so
All eager as greyhounds,
Anxious to perform well
For the Reebok faithful.
Will the Allardyce Army
Vanquish the Curbishley Commandos?
Whatever the result
Both managers
Have their answers ready now.
“Too early in the season”
“The lads showed promise”



Coming soon to a stadium near you.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/charlton-the-opening-game/