Chelsea Days of Docherty

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A team of skill and flair.
This silk like precious time,
In their day were so divine.
Chelsea days of Docherty,
Made many a shining star.
In folk law days,
Supporter’s praise,
How great they are.
Chelsea days of Docherty,
Were streets ahead by many a mile.
His stern like type of characters played
A flamboyant exuberant style.
The Chelsea side in Dochertys’ day,
Got the ball down and ‘boy’ could they play.
This present time seems so unreal,
They were made of British steel.

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I wrote this poem the day before I was due to see the ‘Doc’ as a guest speaker.
He spoke affectionately of the young team he had assembled at Stamford Bridge.
He then went on to name many players.
It was noticeable that his voice became stronger with the inner pride he had for them.
He quoted ‘it was a special time in my managerial career’.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/chelsea-days-of-docherty/