Close Perimiter Encounters of The Flashing Kind

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I just endure the razzmatazz
that every big game always has
the pre-match need to hype it all
before they’ve even kicked a ball
the intro music that they play
in case the fans don’t cheer today
but when it starts what gets to me
is how distracting it can be
it’s not the football that I see
it’s flashing lights that won’t let be
perimiter advertising

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 we pay to sit and watch a game
does no-one out there feel the same?
we don’t protest we’re all so lame
we can’t get close to those to blame
bombarded eyes that do not care
we have another strip this year
at Wembley it goes round and round
and seems to dominate the ground
I hate it when it goes one way
and then comes back the other way
perimiter advertising

3 Leave a comment on verse 3 0 this act is borne out criminally
to mess my brain subliminally
it just goes on continually
like those who chat incessantly
but what drive me around the bend
is that it stops right at the end
it’s only there for you and me
who cannot play but have to be
subjected battered in our eyes
like deep fried fish or Pukka Pies
they beam this rubbish out worldwide
it makes me scream aloud inside
I can’t believe they stoop so low
It’s time we screamed for them to go
perimeter advertiing

4 Leave a comment on verse 4 0 and if you try to look away
you miss a moment in the play
while all around you sit alert
with adverts on their latest shirt
these fans who to pay to all promote
the latest sponsor on your boat
bombarded just like on TV
they lodge here in my memory
these things I never drink or wear
commercial crap flashed everywhere
perimiter advertising

5 Leave a comment on verse 5 0 the Premiership has stooped so low
it’s better in the leagues below
so if you hanker for a time
of ancient local boards and signs
for Bovril ads or those for beer
that stood so proud for year on year
then journey down to humbler lands
to lower leagues where people stand
and watch the way it’s always been
at Burnley and at Forest Green
where local builders stake a claim
and where you spot unheard of names
beside the pitch at ev’ry game
perimeter advertising


Get rid of them. .Ban them!.

You banned Vuvuzelas because they “ruin the atmosphere” .
Well I say these do too! Watching that amazing come-back game: Burnley 4 Preston NE 3 on BBC2 ..with old wooden and metal surrounds..how refreshing and relaxing to be able to just concentrate on a game without that awful flashing perimntier orange and red perimieter advertising reminding us over and over – like we can’t read an ordinary sign once and get the message. Can’t we say or even prove it’s affecting our eyesight and get rid of it and just tell the players they’ll have to take lessin pay (poor things) and that it’s been banned?

Why can’t they just show ads now and again on the big screen at grounds . Then we can watch if we want. Why should we be forced to watch like the prisoners to commercialism and materialism that you’ve turned us into?.(Ouch!).. We don’t watch a movie or a play or tennis at Wimbledon with it going on…..people are paying a fortune to watch games..It makes me so angry. Sorry but it does.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/close-perimiter-encounters-of-the-flashing-kind/