Day 24 : Rest Day 4 – Sore Losers II

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Across the sports pages
As Portugal, Italy and Spain
Who all had pretensions to reign
Bristle with indignation, at their elimination
To South Korea, a team so full of determination
But these Goliaths, have made bitter representation
To FIFA, and Sepp Blatter
So full of chatter
Wants to pander to the big boys
The ones making all the loud noise
But their constant cries of ‘conspiracy theory’
Is both damaging to the sport, and making us weary
To lose graciously, is part of the game
Sure, to win outright, is why everyone came
But competing, first and foremost, is the main goal
And not just, the so-called underdog’s role
The Koreans, ran and ran after every ball
Battled fairly, and gave their all
Brought glory and a spark
As they chased across the park
But because of the Mediterranean mutiny
The officials, are now under greater scrutiny
Their much maligned indecision
Has been greeted with so much derision
Leading to yet more uncertainty and imprecision
It’s all a long way from the vision
Of Jules Rimet, and while Sepp blathers
Suspicion gathers
The blame lies squarely
On the shoulders of the detractors
For sure, they’re big benefactors
There’s not many, proffers
More, into FIFA’s coffers
Nevertheless, that body, creates such muddles, such dog’s dinners
Of a mess, but at least the public back the real winners
Not so much the establishment and number crunchers
As the highly popular co-hosts, the canine munchers!


Says it all – there’s some very sore losers out there

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/day-24-rest-day-4-sore-losers-ii/