Day 30 : 3rd / 4th place playoff

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Well, did it finish 3-1?
Demands for a family picnic, dictated that I become
One of those feckless people, who leave before the end of a match
And didn’t it just, serve me right, natch
To miss out, on an exciting ending
Korea, ditching all thoughts of defending
They attack, with complete abandon
While Turkey, repel at random
Hanging on, for 3rd place
Sinews stretching, in the race
To reach every ball
Lest they fall
At the final hurdle
Not wanting the cream to curdle
As, like them, in this their final, it rises to the top
If they can just hold out, against the team that refuses to drop….

2 Leave a comment on verse 2 0 And hold out they did – and then held hands
With their crestfallen opponents, bowing to the stands
An amphitheatre swathed, in uniform red
Show your true colours, Hiddink must have said
And they responded with zeal, to his incredible perception
The munificent hosts, offering up, such a great reception
The Turkish delighted, milking the applause
And no man, did more for his country’s cause
Than their own legend, Hakan Sukur *
All tournament long, he looked as if he couldn’t care
He certainly had a problem, with his finishing
His star fading and reputation diminishing
But today, he got it right from the start
10 seconds in, he scores, he finally looks the part
Whereas Myung Bo, hangs his head in shame
His mistake, ultimately costs them the game
But the co-hosts, battled manfully to the end
Their refreshing enthusiasm, a footballing godsend
Hiddinck’s Heroes, a credit to their Nation
They thoroughly deserved, their rapturous ovation
And the fans too, now held in such high esteem
Deserve fulsome praise,
for the way they’ve ardently supported their team


For the record :

Thank goodness for the evening highlights!

Turkey beat South Korea 3-2 to clinch the 3rd place playoff

* Hakan Sukur (pronounced shoe-care) scores the fastest goal in World Cup finals history
(final stages – we don’t really want to be reminded of the fastest goal when taking the qualifying rounds into account – I refer of course to San Marino’s goal after 7 seconds against England).

This is the best World Cup placing ever, for both sides.
South Korea a credit and an inspiration, to the continent of Asia.
Guus Hiddink bows out as manager, having achieved more than he or Korea could ever have imagined.

A great game – I don’t agree with those who wish to scrap this fixture, citing it meaningless – try telling that to the dejected South Korean players who gave their all.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/day-30-3rd-4th-place-playoff/