Don’t leave us now MO.

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Pull out all the stops
Seal off the airports
And set up road blocks.
See that his pay packet
Is substantially increased
Transport his stables
Up to the North East.
And in sheer desperation
To keep little Michael sweet
Grant him the castle
And Northumberland Street.
Give him Durham Cathedral
Throw in Hadrian’s wall
Build him a racecourse
On Darras hall.
Re-open the shipyards
Build him a new yacht
But make it much bigger
Than the one that he’s got.
Erect several statues
That light up in the dark
And rename the stadium
To prevent him from joining
The reds or the blues
Please make him an offer
He just can’t refuse.
Give him all he desires
Forget the expense
For his goals might just save us
And you know that makes sense.



After my poem about Keano and Ince facing the sack I hope Michael Owen is still a Newcastle player when this one is posted on the site.

* Darras Hall is a exclusive area just outside of Newcastle.

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/dont-leave-us-now-mo/