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When England is on the pitch, who do they fear?
They have Beckham, Owen, Heskey and Scholes,
Who do you think will score most of their goals?
A team who has the potental to win the the cup,
Every time they step onto the field, their level of play goes up.
How do you mark the magical number ten,
Maybe the only one who’ll know that, is Sven.
Heskey is a huge target way up in the sky,
To stop him of his goal scoring, its very hard to deny.
Beckham, whos free kicks are unbelievably,
To save a free kick, is not really achievable.
Scholes might not be the biggest center,
But if you give him an opening, he will enter.
These are just some of the best,
Look at the defence, they’re up for the test.
As i said before, England can go all the way,
All they have to do, is win today!

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/england-3/