Euro 2008 IV : Aggrievaderci

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Yes I definitely have it!
Have it sussed
Without a doubt
It’s as clear as day now
No more befuddlement
You’re offside when ….
Firstly you need to be beyond the half way line
(opposition penalty box – check)
You’re encroaching – check
You’re active – check
There’s less than 2 players between you and the goal – check
Standing in line of sight of the keeper when the shot comes arrowing in – check
You tap in from 6 yards – check
All the above when the ball is played – check
Not played in by the oppo, no deflection, no ricochet – check
Fully understood
And lo and behold, for a great example …
Well there you go, Van the Man has just nicked one in
Meets all the above criteria
A mile offside
Ref blows whistle
And the game restarts from … que? … hey hang on …
Not the centre circle! …shurely shome mishtake?
No comprendez …
Ah ref, please – stop messin’ wi’ me head
Especially when I thought
I’d put this mystery to bed!?!?!?!?!?!?



Just when you thought you had sussed the offside law
and all its foibles …
Van Nistelrooy played onside by a defender – lying off the pitch!
The Italians rightly aggrieved.
Then they were well and truly tanked by a great Dutch display.
So for the Italians it might very well be … aggrievaderci !! 😉

Holland 3 Italy 0
France 0 Romania 0

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/euro-2008-iv-aggrievaderci/