Football Fever

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Dare the glare?
Join hands before the filled stands.
Nightmare for the footwear.
Tribble or rubble, haul or roll
All we need is the goal!
After the ball goes the whole,
Serving as the boneless tongue
Yet given the taste of anger.
Redder the game? Red card is the name.
No mercy is its crazy.
Hangover? Take the leftover or even walkover.
Flight, fright and fight all with the might.
Adrenalin till the end. The half comes
In the way to change luck? You better go and slack.
Best is paid off, Rest is laid off.
Only commitment, please no sentiment.
Once warriors, now only survivors.
Something to take? Nothing but fate!
Striving to keep the game alive
Some become sinners
Others are winners.


Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/football-fever-2/