“Green With Envy”

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 I always get a programme
Yet I don’t understand the lingo
As soon as I see a seller
My head explodes going ‘Bingo’!
I only bought one
As they charge a euro and a half
Not that I collect stuff since I moved
Not even buying a scarf.
Sat in the corner
Match yet to start
I’m in such a good mood
Being a ‘groundhopper’ at heart.
An untra-modern stadium
Right on the edge of town
When I hear the words ‘new-build’
I automatically frown.
But this place looks the business
All in Groningen green
Think I made the right choice
Really glad I’ve been.
I don’t usually do top flight
So this match is a rare treat
And at only twenty one euros
A price that can’t be beat.
Back home in dear old Blighty
League Two would cost more
Never mind the old Conference
Where you’d almost pay a score.
The Eredivisie might not be Premiership
But do I really care
I’m in such a mellow mood
That I’m warming to the mascot bear.
Mot long now til kick off
Writing poetry in my seat
As I’ve said many a time
Days like this you can’t beat.



(I wrote this at FC Groningen v. AZ, in the Dutch first division, I really enjoyed it, writing this before the game…Groningen play in green, hence the title. This was 23rd October 2016)

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/green-with-envy/