It’s Friday and it’s not Crackerjack

1 Leave a comment on verse 1 0 Friday night football comes to Carrow Road
New season beckons, all tickets sold
Mercy – an early getaway from work
Search out freshly washed replica retro shirt
Panic rummage to find lucky pants
‘I can’t find anythiing in this house’ the old man rants
Off we go, full of excitement and hope
A nine month gestation, how will we cope
Stop off for tuck at the near KFC
Crispy strips, spicy wings, chicken dippers for me
Get to the ground, pick up conversations from May
We’ve waited all summer, now we just want to play
How the season will end is anyones guess
We may get promotion, we may get much less
Will we give Watford what for?
Or will there be first match catastrophe in store
If we win, we’ll be top of the league
Rush home to Teletext ‘cos we can’t quite believe
Norwich City are top with three points ‘cos we won
The rest of the Championship – hurrah! they have none!


Norwich City open the new football Legaue season with their first Friday night Championship game. Our season usually begins with us halfway down the league going by alphabetical order. This year, we have the chance to start top. (Please, don’t mention Colchester just now, I”m trying to be optimistic…) Season Greetings Everyone…

Source: https://footballpoets.org/poems/its-friday-and-its-not-crackerjack/